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Bayonetta 3 - Obligatory "Nintendo's Witch" Subject Edit

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Just a teaser, no release date. Probably 2019.

Bayonetta 1 and 2 bundle are also coming to Switch in February, only Bayonetta 2 is physical. I'm getting really tired of that. Yay Bayonetta. Boo/hiss split physical/digital release. I'd buy them separately if I could get both physical.


There was 2 year delay between official announcement of Bayo 2 and it's release, so that should make Bayonetta 3 2019 release.


Reminds me of the Metroid Prime 4 announcement.  I'll be excited to hear about this game again in 10 months.

Not even being sarcastic. I got enough Switch games to buy/play for a while.

Luigi Dude:
I put over 100 hours into both Bayo 1 and 2 so my body is ready for another.  Keep the crazy enemy and weapon variety of 2, but make the combat more like 1.  Bayo 2 was great on the normal settings but Infinite Climax was bullshit since requiring Witch Time just to hurt the bosses and weakening Wicked Weaves made that mode way too cheap.  While in Bayo 1, Infinite Climax was the best part of the game since it really tested your skills but gave you so many ways to fight all the enemies and bosses. 

If they can combine the best aspects of both games then this is going to be insanely mind blowing. 

Pump this into my veins.


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