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Episode 387 - What Are You Ramblin' About?


We got a full docket including a Mystery History and a very special interview with Kev Bayliss!http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/talknintendo/66208/episode-387-what-are-you-ramblin-aboutSubscribe to RSS FeedDirect DownloadFollow @TalkNintendoPodWe're back from the 2023 Jimmies (and Jerries) and ready to party!The structure of the show today is more loosey goosey in the first part. We talk about Nintendo sales numbers, potential announcements for a possible Nintendo Direct next week, Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Pokemon Black and White, and more. Perry also brings us a Mystery History, which VERY QUICKLY goes off the rails. In the second part of the show, Perry sits down with Kev Bayliss, the artist who created Diddy Kong. Great chat, check it out! And of course, thanks to Kev for his time. Lastly, we're doing our Undertale I Demand You -- FINALLY -- in two weeks. Check out this modern classic with us, won't you?On episode 387 the boys play everyone’s favorite podcast game: Mystery History! Then Diddy Kong’s dad @Kev_Bayliss joins us to talk about the origins of Donkey Kong Country!https://t.co/YfAjGUniko pic.twitter.com/1ara0S1Yv3— Talk Nintendo Podcast (@TalkNintendoPod) February 10, 2024
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