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Episode 859: Switch U Marketing


Sometimes a good idea comes back around.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/66093/episode-859-switch-u-marketingThis week it's predictions another episode Jon missed, delaying predictions!First, we cursed more Smash spirits into existence, and then email! This week: why so many GBA remakes, more GBA Switch remakes, and will the Switch successor kill the music all over again?As always emails go here.Gui also has a little New Business:  EGGCONSOLE SILPHEED PC-8801mkIISR and the Tekken 8 demo.

I really enjoyed the discussion around the Day The Music Died retrospective.

I also totally forgot about Teddy Together. That was released in Australia too.

I view Endless Ocean 1 vs 2 like Luigi's Mansion.  Sure the second is more of a "game", has more of a story and so forth, but there is something about exploring one large area versus exploring several different and smaller areas per a story.

No one will escape predictions!


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