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Chronological gaming series' (Chrontendo and the like)

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Dr. Sparkle's monumental Chrontendo series seemed like an insanity -- reviewing the entirety of NES library? And later on he starts Chronsega and Chronturbo which does the same for Master System and PC Engine!..

Insanity or not, this series is hours upon hours of videogame related edutainment providing an wide look into history of console often with intermissions that delve into individual creators and events happening at the time to provide context. It gives a comrehensive outlook of complete console libraries with all their masterpieces and shovelware (prepare for some mahjong, golf and baseball games).

This format was later picked up by other people and now we also have:

[*]Generation 16 -- chronological series for Sega 16 bit. It's somewhat redundant with Chronsega reviewing the same games just in a different order, but still interesting.

[*]Gameboy World -- chronological series for Gameboy releases -- which is an even bigger and crazier enterprise considering amounts of shovelware and how long original gameboy kept getting releases.

[*]Playstation Year One. Not sure if this new series is gonna cover just first year of PS releases, but it still entertaining.

Luigi Dude:
I started watching this series a few months ago and yeah, it's great stuff.  I'm not even close to finishing it because damn, it's just so much.  But still, it's great for people to at least try watching since it literally covers everything.

Definitely deserves a lot more attention.

Retronauts episode about chrongaming thing:

Dr. Sparkle released new Chronturbo episode!

man I went into that expecting it to be NES stuff but nope it covers everything going all the way back to Famicom. Pretty good stuff wish I had more time to sit and watch these videos, but then my work would suffer and I love my job too much to let that happen.


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