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Loop Hero is free on the Epic Game Store at the moment. It's like PS+ or Games with Gold but free.

I have a lot of games, the best part is once I finish one or get s tired of it I just start all over again one that I haven't played in a long time.

Man, I am not vibing with Transistor. I don’t know if this is a quality that all Supergiant Games suffer from (this is my first of their catalogue), but the game does not tutorialize itself well at all, and that’s beside the fact that the story remains nebulous, but also infuriatingly chatty at all times. I don’t mind an ambiguous narrative, I actually welcome them from time to time. But the over-talkative nature of the Transistor and the lack of substance in so many of its comments is grating.

I am about halfway through and learned about its ridiculously punishing revive system, which then led me online to discover the true nature of its customization options. I was confused by all the individuals praising its versatility when I finally realized how to switch functions. Anyway, the combat bores me and I’m thinking I’ll probably drop it.

My current game is Jusant.  it's a quiet game of a person mountain climbing.  Long periods of moving hands to pull yourself up and finding the right path to climb up, with a cryptic story told through notes left behind.  Love it, highly recommend for those wanting just a quiet, chill adventure.


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