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Today's topic goes to Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. The game seems to be the what people are talking about. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised at that since 3D World got a lot of attention back when it first released but not many people bought a Wii U to play it. I guess a lot of gamers are now making up for their mistake of not buying a Wii U to play it then. Having experienced the game myself, this port of the game never seemed that big a deal since it's only been about 4 years since I thoroughly played through it. However, I seem to be in the minority on that right now.

If you missed it, here's the NWR review on the game and a smart thinking poster has bumped the old Super Mario 3D World Thread if you want to post your thoughts on the port there or just look back and see what the general mood was on the forums from the time 3D World was first announced at E3 to its initial release and reactions. Every old topic is new again!

Weekend Reading!

Been debating how I want to do this so I'll try something different. There's the current topic on the Switch further securing its long streak of most consoles sold in NA for 26 consecutive months.

And if you have the time and want to see a completely different conversation, then here's a throwback to 2012 before the Wii U released with a thread on Wii U predictions. From my time reading some of it, I don't think anyone predicted it correctly.

I had a different topic in mind but with a sudden deadline now here for predicting what Nintendo's 2021 is going to look like, I figured I should highlight it there for all you Nintendo Insiders who want to grow your Twitter follower count with some sweet inside scoops.

No doubt about it. The big topic of the day is the Nintendo Direct scheduled for today and about to launch in less than half an hour. That's when I go internet dark for awhile. I'll watch it after I get home from work and be surprised at that time. May all your Nintendo Direct Dreams come true today. They won't but dashed expectations and bitter disappointment from them is a big part of the Direct cycle too. T-t-t-t-topic of the day-y-y-y-y.

Today's topic of the day is Splatoon 3 but not Splatoon 3. Whaaaaatttt? The thread in Talkback is ostensibly about the announcement of Splatoon 3 but in classic NWR fashion we have taken that topic in bold new directions as people speculate on whether the Switch is actually getting replaced sooner or later. There's some good stuff being posted there and you may want to add your thoughts into the conversation.

Or, you may want to bump this old thread on Switch 2 Speculation and get the conversation happening in a place you might expect and not hidden in a different thread. Which topic will you choose for the day? The choice is yours!


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