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Your topic for the weekend is the unwanted return of Safe Words. Please sign-up while you have the chance

Tough call. Various topics have some activity happening. There is the weekly downloads topic I could highlight but it doesn't have the spreadsheet anymore or a link to a site listing all the sales available for Nintendo's eShops.

But I think I'm going to go with the place generating the most user heat right now and that is the Mafia 84 Day 3 Thread Critical time for the players as the mafia side continues to elude the townie side and the game could soon be split into three groups making for a tough endgame. How's it going to play out?

Well, it may not be the hottest topic on the forums based on posts so far but the news that the next Smash DLC character will be revealed Friday has got the Discord channel buzzing. Topic of the day! (And I know what Friday's topic will be too.  ;D )

Another slower day so let's do something stale a blast from the past. No one has been able to win this game yet but maybe it can happen now. Will you be the one to make UncleBob reply to this thread?

As predicted, today's topic is the news on Smash's latest character addition.

Except, I thought the 16th was Friday earlier this week so I did make a bit of a mistake in that prediction.  :-[


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