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Begone, Evil EZboard!

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ah youngins...i remember back in the day when we only had one topic per thread! Discus forums!
Discus Forums! There was no ff topic becaus ethere couldnt be! We had 5 topics and youd only get warned if
you went of topic! These forums are pretty nice, avatars are nice, but unnessacary. If you reeally want an avatar...ascii art in your signature.

I agree the place LOOKS a mite dull to the eyes, but hey, I can live with that.  Rather no avatars than stupid 100+ K animated ones I see at some places.  In my ideal forum world, avatars would have a limit like a single kilobyte; more like the emoticon images.  Enough to pick out certain people's posts if you're just browsing, but small enough it couldn't cause much offense or bandwidth drag if it tried.

Also, now that the forums are back at PGC, the auto-posting of Talkback news is back.  I gladly hand the robot back the Talkback Moderator cap I'd been borrowing.  

The one thing I'm still left wondering about is, it was always said the reason PGC stopped hosting the forums themselves was due to the bandwidth being prohibitively expensive.  Have things like shirts and DVDs changed that?


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