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Begone, Evil EZboard!

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Your a genius!

Zach Adams:
Yeah, well while this is cool and all, I never had much problem with pop-ups. First of all, all you have to do is download Pop-Up Stopper. Next, as cool as this is, it really blows that there are no personal icons. Whats with that? I loved to animate pictures from Nintendo characters and now I can't even post them on this board. And since this forum is all about pro's and con's on your forum so you can change it, at least allow personal icons please. Kinda gives everyone some more personality if you know what I mean.

Can't do it, Zach.  The only option for avatars this board has is hosting them on our site.  Unfortunately, that's going to cause a huge bandwidth drain if we turn them on.  If FuseTalk issues a release that allows off-site avatars (linked to your personal webspace), then we'll revisit the issue at that time.  But for the time being, they're staying off.

I think that the board is still in Beta. So I think that they will add avators and whatnot later.

Zach Adams:
Heh, alright Rick. Thats fine, I probably had no need to post this two times though. Well at least more people know so they won't complain.  


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