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February = RPG heaven

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Especially for console games.  Games like Planescape:Torment, which are certainly much more "RPG" than something like final fantasy, are still ultimately linear games where you play a character, rather than take on a role.  It used to be that RPG meant turn-based and adventure meant live action fighting (like the difference between ChronoTrigger and Secret of Mana), but even that's not very applicable nowadays.

I already have Skies of Arcadia Legends.  I have some bills to pay like my credit card for the last batch of games that I bought and also since I have to pay for next quarters classes and books.  I already have Zelda paid off and I definitely plan to buy .hack and Xenosaga after these bills are paid off.  I really shouldn't be buy so many games since I also have to pay for college, and I don't have as much time as I used to since I just got a full time job, but I love gaming so much.  I should probably wait til summer arrives because I do any more game buying.  I have enough games to keep me busy during my gaming time.


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