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The Winter of 2cold4gamez! (community event)

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Beginning on Wednesday, Feburary 17th, I plan to stop buying new games for about a 40 day stretch which will end on Sunday, March 28th. This is an opportunity to focus on my backlog and appreciate the games I have instead of buying way too many games I'm never going to get around to as I often do. I would like to call upon others to do the same so we can make a fun community thing out of this.

I will not deny that this event is somewhat inspired by the Christian tradition of Lent, in which Christians embark on a symbolic 40 day journey through the desert by giving up something that's important to them. However, as many of you who are reading this know, religious discussion is banned on the Nintendo World Report forums. There is a time and a place for that kind of discussion and it is not in the Nintendo World Report Forums. If I did not believe that this could be a fun community event on it's own merits, than I wouldn't be proposing this idea.

How this works:

The idea is simple: Each person who signs up earns six points for the Nintendo World Report community. Any games purchased by someone who signed up for this between now and March 28th will cost the community three points. However, there is also a way to earn points. Should someone complete a game they already own, they will earn the community one point. I would like to turn this into an annual event so eventually we will have a sort of leaderboard to compare our current score to previous years and try to get new records and stuff like that. I think it'll be a fun time.

In the meantime, I'm going to set a preliminary goal for the community of 0 points. Let's see if we can hit that baseline.

Current sign ups:
Mr. Bungle

Love this idea, the wicked temptations of new games are a strong and powerful force.

I don't think I'm going to get the 6 pointer, but breaking even seems like a reasonable goal. Count me in.

I don't know. Nintendo of Europe announced this:

and I wouldn't be surprised if NA also has something like this occur after today's Direct. May want to start this next week.  ;)

As it stands, I can go long stretches without buying new games. Heck, last year I probably had 3 months+ of not buying any games. (So, give me all the points!) But as it stands right no, I've been thinking of buying some older titles off the used market this weekend so the timing period of this event will not work for me and I'll just be bringing things down to -21 if I sign up.

I wanted to wait for the direct to make sure I could handle this and I think I can. Just to be clear I probably will buy a game or two but, I think I can cut back on my spending and definitely play more than three for every one I buy. With pre-orders should we count the date we pre-ordered it or the date it releases and we get charged?

It's up to you. I did this without any prior notice so people preordering stuff ahead of time isn't a concern.


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