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The Fast Food Thread - Would You Like Posts With That?

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Pah, In-N-Out is overplayed. Five Guys is where it is at!

So I've tried some of these chicken sandwiches for the War that Popeye's apparently started.

McDonald's..... Giant McChicken patty. If you love McChicken, you'll probably like this, but if you're looking for a real chicken Sandwich, this wasn't it.

Burger King Ch'King.... Not bad, but not great. I didn't get the spicy, and I should've. I'm sure that would've been better, but the regular one didn't entice me to try again. Popeye's is only another minute out two down the road.

Popeye's.... Still King.

Next up... KFC
And as soon as they open up the Chick FilA next to my, I might try that one too.

Taco Bell - Naked Chicken Chalupa (as close as they'll get).
Not bad, but immediately regretted it, as I haven't had taco bell in ages. It might be a while before I go back there again.

Had some from some chicken sandwiches from regular restaurants that were also really good, but as far as fast food goes, Popeye's still on top so far.

So I had the KFC Chicken Sandy and even though the sandwich itself was pretty good, I immediately recalled what I hate about KFC to begin with....

I'm at the window and the dude hands me a bag where half the bottom is soaked in grease.... I didn't want to set it on the wrong thing and get grease stains. Wasn't sure if it was the fries or the chicken, but either way that's an immediate warning sign to my arteries. LOL

So I got the spicy chicken, and it was just some spicy sauce that was on about half the chicken... so really, I got the Spicy and Regular Chicken Sandwich at the same time. No need to go back. LOL
It was a thick piece of chicken, never dry at KFC, and no crunch to the skin (for the same reasons it's never dry -see the bag-). It wasn't actually greasy or anything, that I could tell, but it was mostly in it's sandwich sleeve , so I don't know how greasy it might've been. It was good on flavor though.

Current Order of Preference:

No Chick-fil-a on your list BnM? Or are they in an entirely different camp?

I like their chicken but the typical lines keep me away, and I tend to get hankerins for Chicken sandwiches (and teriyaki) on Sundays when they are closed so I don't go very often.

I have issues with Chik- fil-a just for their funding of anti LGBT bills.

With that being said I tend to go with Popeye's for chicken sandwiches and chicken in general.  Their biscuits are worth the trip in of itself.


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