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Mmk..Now, I'm not saying Squaresoft has ALWAYS been evil, I loved them during the SNES/ Super Famicom era..:roolness:: But..they did good in the Psone age..but..Ps2..does anyone think that they're just pulling out ideas from their older games? Or that..they aren't original? The Bouncer was a good twist but..too short. FFX seemed to be an ok game but..too much like FF4. :/ I think Square is trying to pull off some moves to get back the money that they lost creating FF The Spirits Within. It was a good movie but, not many people knew of Final Fantasy that go to see movies on a daily basis. And that surely did not make up the cost Square used to create those eye-candy graphics. But, is it possible, that Square will make a new Final Fantasy, in their final hours, like FF1? That inspired them to make such a GREAT game? Is it?! Can it be..?

I can't really offer a fair opinion on Square's latest games because I haven't played them!  But I bet that Final Fantasy X seems similar to previous games because the series has been done to death!  When you do a sequel every year or two the product is bound to get stale after a while.  I'm not saying Final Fantasy X is a bad game, in fact I guess I'm kind of defending Square...I don't think the company purposely did a bad job on Final Fantasy X, I just think the series needs a rest or a major reworking.  

let's not forget about the Square-Enix merger. Final Fantasy may be rehash, but it's certainly selling. And now that Enix is on board, Square has access to more talent (and more money). Surely this means future games will be of better quality?

"Surely this means future games will be of better quality?"

What are you talking about? Their CURRENT games are of incredible quality. That rehash FF thing was just something devised by Nintendo fanboys who were pissed they don't get FF games on their system anymore. Notice how nearly all Nintendo fans agree that the NES and SNES FF's were magnificent and FF7-10 sucked? FFX was an incredibly good RPG- certainly one of my favorites. And has anyone heard of a few little games such as Xenosaga or Chrono Cross? Chrono Cross is easily in my top 5 favorite RPG's of all time. The truth is Square make's some extremely good games that sell extremely well- Nintendo fans shouldn't get mad and attack Square just because they aren't getting those sales. Luckily we're getting Crystal Chronicles (which I doubt anyone will say is bad).

rodtod: Actually, I think Square and Enix's merger wasn't in the sense that they'd physically become one company. They may appear so in stock markets and such, but I'm pretty sure they'll still develop and release games individually. Then again, I could be wrong.

Koopa Troopa:

What are you talking about? Their CURRENT games are of incredible quality.
--- End quote ---

Yeah, if you like a crap load of movies, and cutscenes out the wazoo.

I'm an avid RPG player and a long time Square fan, but FFX was a snore-fest (In the same league as MGS2 when it comes to gameplay... or lack thereof). FFX was only slightly better than FFVIII, which itself was a poor game.

I haven't played Kingdow Hearts yet, but it looks good.


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