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The Official "Are you a better Mafia player than Khushrenada" challenge.


Khushrenada claims to play a mean Mafia game but his recent showing in Wah's discord server has left a lot to be desired. This challenge will allow you to prove once and for all that you are a better Mafia player than Khushrenada. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Join Wah's discord server by clicking here.

Step 2: Sign up for the next Mafia game on that server. There happen to be open sign ups as we speak.

Step 3: Once the game starts, don't get fucking voted out on the day 1 thread by a community that generally doesn't bother with day 1 votes at all these days so all you really have to do is not make an ass of yourselves.

Here's a list of players who succeeded in this challenge during the last game on Wah's server:

Here's a list of players who failed this challenge:

Can you do better? Take the challenge to find out.

I got a 50/50 record. I imagine I'll be voted out immediately in this upcoming game.

I am glad you guys have been enjoying the more fastpaced discord games.


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