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NBA Thread: Brought To You By The Tampa Bay Raptors Of Toronto

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Yeah I have been watching them. 

A lot of these games have been blowouts so those tend to be not fun but this Mavs and Warriors game was pretty exciting.  Luka needs more help than sometimes Brunson and Dinwiddie.  Warriors have a pretty deep bench so that has been the difference.  Mavs really miss Tim Hardaway Jr.


--- Quote from: Adrock on May 15, 2022, 10:15:27 PM ---Sheesh, here’s a summary of Suns vs. Mavericks:

--- End quote ---

Here's a summary of the Mavs vs Warriors so far....


Luka and Kidd have both basically conceded, but even though it's not over yet, I think it's pretty safe to look forward to the Finals.

Question is will the Celts and/or Heat still have enough active players to get out of the East and still make it competitive?

I'm hoping the Heat continue to win, even though they've only won 2 out of 12 quarters so far.... but somehow lead the series 2-1. Warriors take the heat, that I'm almost certain of.

Celtics I think could be an issue, assuming they bring their best consistently every night, which they have not been doing in this current series.

another BS game in the east....

It seemed like the league was pushing to even up the series and push it to 7, if not push Boston as a favorite or something.

I also feel like the league gonna put in the call to take to 5 if the Warriors don't outshoot the whistles tomorrow. Just to keep as much basketball on TV as possible till the Finals, because these games in the East are just not doing it.

It's just sad....

please let Miami somehow beat the Celtics. LOL

LOL, Draymond with that free throw.

Collectively, this is one of the worst post seasons in recent memory. These games are bad.


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