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So..What's the deal with Rareware?

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They joined Xbox exclusively but..what games are they making? Perfect Dark Zero. O.o What else? Anything that doesn't have to do with fuzzy animals searching around the world for either:

A) Puzzle Pieces.
B) Coconuts.
C) Beer. (Heh heh heh. )

o.O?! What's the deal?!

Grey Ninja:
Rare isn't even a shadow of their former selves.  The founders, and the majority of the employees are now gone.  They still have a few franchises, and that's about it.  IIRC, here's the lineup:

Diddy Kong Pilot

Perfect Dark 0

Somehow I think I am missing a whole lot of games, but I seriously can't be arsed to figure out which ones.  I probably won't buy any GBA games, and I could seriously care less about the Xbox ones.

Conker's Bad Fur Day 2 will be either a Xbox game or a Xbox2 launch game, imo.

no the stampers are still there...they are extremley rich now too.....

Grey Ninja:
Are you sure?  I thought that they had retired on all the money that MS gave them?

And Rare officially canned Conker's Other Bad Fur Day a while back, so I wouldn't bet on it.  They might change their minds, but I doubt it.  The game really didn't sell that well...  (even though I loved the game)


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