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Should Nintendo buy Midway?

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Gamecube is losing sports, and this would give them all of midway's sports exclusive.  Plus Mortal Kombat.  Midway are in financial trouble, it'd be cheap.  Nintendo could make sure the games are good (the biggest issue I'd have with them buying them, keeping up Nintendo quality).  Your thoughts?

I dunno... they don't have a ton to offer, IMO.

Perfect Cell:
Yes yes yes, the arcade like sports games sell better than the Sim heavy VC/Sega games. Perfect for the GCN audience. MK would give GCN a violent exclusive fighter for the console and a good Triforce candidate. Plus Midway has done a few Arcade FPS in the past wich would give the GCN an exclusive FPS something it sorely needs. Problem is, 1.Expensive and 2. Nintendo doesnt buy companies.

No, it's a waste of money,  Midway sucks

yes, midway is a decent company with good ideas..maybe someitmes poorly executed...with a multitude of franchises that would really fill out nintendo's library. On top of that Wit hNitnendo's quality assurance they may become an awesoem company.


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