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European Metroid Prime's website (coolest flash web I've ever seen)

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o0O MeaN O0o:

Check it out. Pretty cool... it's awesome especially for Europeans since the game will be released soon, but it's pretty cool for us too, even if we can just go to BlockBuster and rent/play the real game (if you don't own a copy).

o0O MeaN O0o:
I've just read the mod.'s thread about stealing from other sites. I'm not sure if that's what I did and if it was wrong. If it was, I apologize and this thread can be edited/deleted .

That site is sweet. I played as far as you can right now. They don't have everything open yet.

It's not stealign because you didnt copy and paste... people actually have to physically go to the site to see what you are talking about, you are allowed to link, just not steal others content and post it.

Mike C:
Nice!  About time NOE worked hard on getting that sort of thing going.


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