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Need to prove maturity! *_*

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Dr Synthetic:
Yeah, but don't go behind their backs.  If they ever found out, they certainly wouldn't view *that* as mature.

Just sit down, talk with them, and tell them that you think you can handle the type of violence presented in the games... let them know that you can tell the difference between fantasy and reality, and that you're ready to try these games out.  If you just talk to them honestly, let them know that you want to play them in a mature fashion, they should listen to you.  Also tell them that you'll respect their wishes if they say it's not time for you to play them yet, and that'll earn you some brownie points.  Just be really laid back about the whole situation... they should be more than willing to work with you.

Dr Synthetic:
And uhh... don't listen to epicac.

Edit --

My apologies for the double-post... two people posted while I was typing my last one, so I figured I'd get beaten to the punch with this one.  Heh.

Thanks guys! Yeah, I  never go behind their backs and always try to play fair. I've shown my dad some screens and a movie and he said it was fine.........just gotta get my mom's approval now. Thank you so much for helping in my (desperate) time of need

Rancid Planet:
Well jimmy, for starters you could explain to your parents that unlike the lead characters in the GTA franchise, the leads in ED and the RE games are morally upstanding people who are trying to rid the world of evil. If you word it just like that you might win them over.

If they still won't back down...respect their wishes. They're your parents after all, heh.


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