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Check it out. At IGN, they have a list of Nintendo published games for Gamecube coming out in 2003 and one of them is called "NST secret project".  They say that it has been in development for some time now and that it is likely to be shown at E3 2003. 3 other games that are listed for 2003 are "Silicon knight's secret project", "Too human" and "HAL labs secret project". IGN also hints at big exclusive projects by Capcom, Namco and a technological powerhouse from Factor 5. Very interesting indeed...

2003 will be a great year for Gamecube ... if you are not a sports fan and I am not a sports fan so I am happy  

Dr Synthetic:
I just want Kid Icarus already.  Does anyone have any idea just *how* likely a new Kid Icarus title would be?  I'm totally blinded by my fanboyism for the property that my opinion in the matter is almost useless.

It sure seems like they've got something in the works, though... I mean, no Kid Icarus in Animal Crossing, no Kid Icarus for the e-Reader, and his trophy description on Smash Bros was very...

Wait a minute.

HAL Labs Secret Project.

"Will Pit ever fight again?"

Wouldn't it make sense if HAL's secret project was a new Kid Icarus?  It seems pretty odd that they'd put that description in for the Pit trophy unless there were plans for a new Icarus title... it makes even MORE sense if *they* were the company doing it.

Could I have stumbled onto something here?

Please.  Oh, please.

Kid Icarus would be great.  I really enjoyed both the Gameboy and the NES  version.  At the very least a GBA version ( port).  A GCN version would be incredible though.

Chance it will happen is next to zero though.  Too bad.

Perfect Cell:
Id like to see Konami/Tecmo/Capcom get the Kid Icarus liscence, with Miyamoto over seeing ,it could be a good way to gain support from Konami..


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