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Soul Calibur 2 Controls

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have none of you ever played the original Soul Calibur on DreamCast?  if that is anything to go by, you'll be using the analog stick more and the button layout is similar to the GCN's.  Only 4 buttons are needed.  This isn't Street Fighter!

Im thinking the controls will be just fine. I was sceptical about THPS at first, but in the end I had no trouble pulling 5million combos. The GCN controller is awesome.

Im still considering to get this title, but if I will then I'll order it with 2 of these:
Gamecube Hori Digital Controller

I loved they SNES controller for Killer Instinct and I wont play fighting games with an analog stick, it just doesnt work, also it abuses my sticks too much .

Uncle Rich AiAi:
don't worry folks,  the GC controller will be fine for SC.  and i agree with kelleman.  the analog stick is better to use than the d-pad in this game.

Never a fighter on GCN you say?  What about Smash Bros. Melee? I thought it was excellent for that.


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