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multi-disc games?

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Thanks... that was terribly insightful.
/end sarcasm

I think I'll pick up RE1.  With multiple discs the graphics should look absolutely gorgeous.

It will be 2-3 discs.

When you say an extra $1 to make the disc, imagine how many they make. Multiply that by 500,000 and you got an extra $500,000 to spend for an extra disc. Companies would rather compress, and maybe eliminate some of the features to save that cash. Bigger companies like Capcom, may go the extra mile.

dont those discs only cost like 12 cents each? where do u get the 1 dollar figure from? i am sure it isnt a dollar because like u said that would be like 1.1million dollars that they lost on re1. thats cant be true.

I don't think pressing extra discs is $1 each. The figure I've always heard was $0.20, which is still a large number when you multiply it by 500,000.


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