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Konami's neglect

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At Konamis website a few weeks ago, they hinted that they had something special for Gamecube owners at E3. Does anyone remember that?

Perfect Cell:
yes i saw that too.... we will see if its true.  I hope so. Id love a new 2D Castlevania on the Gamecube.

Remember the deal with Rare? It was for around eleven games! And how many have they only done so far? Three? Five? GEEZ! This is the only thing that's making Konami develop games on Gamecube. Get rid of the deal already! It's not doing any good for Nintendo, Konami, Disney, or any of us gamers!

Konami, the sly bastards they are, will probably use the excuse that sales of Disney games on Gamecube are so poor, there's no point in developing the major franchises for it. They'll develop crap disney game after crap disney game, saying that these games are suited to Gamecube cause it's kiddy, and after poor sales, STILL not try out their major franchises.

So everyone, IF Konami makes a major franchise for Gamecube, for the love of God, buy it (assuming that it's actually a GOOD game)! Prove that we DO want Konami to develop their major franchises for Gamecube!

And yes, Iwata-san had better bloody kick their asses for good Gamecube games. Make them put some effort in for some GBA connection. Mobile 21 was set for a reason wasn't it?

It really IS too bad there are NO other consoles that DO get the Konami support Konami fans want.
Am I right? Am I!? *wink wink nudge nudge*

Wait for E3.


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