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Konami's neglect

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Yeah, I'm feeling good about the new TMNT game.

I loved the arcade game, as well as Turtles In Time and Hyperstone Heist. The new game is begging for 4 player co-op, so I hope they do it.

It had it in the arcade, but Turtles In Time and Hyperstone Heist only had 2 players due to the limitations of the console. These days we can have 4 players easily, so I hope they take advantage of it.

You cant go wrong with ninja turtles no matter how old u are! I would love to see a new Mystical ninja Goemon game for gamecube or gba! DASH DASH DASH!!!

I read somewhere a new konami rpg is coming out in about a week for GC.  Its based on yugioh but it still might be good i think its called Yugioh Falsebound Kingdom.  Its not a card game so thats good but its probably targeted towards kids.  its been released in japan and europe so i hope its comin here.

run a search to find out more PGC doesnt have anything on it me thinks.

Konami should bring Rave Groove Adventure Fighting live to the US and Europe.
They released it for the GC in Japan.

It looks like a fun 4 player game.
People that imported it have said it's like Powerstone 2,which I thought was really fun.  

I was hoping there would be news on a 3D Castlevania game for the GameCube, but the Feb issue of US Playstation magazine says it's for the PS2.  


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