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A Question for Canucks

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Grey Ninja:
Not anymore...  I am stuck in Canada I am afraid.  

What about DVDBoxoffice?

Grey Ninja:
Well, their prices are through the roof, but they have exactly what I am looking for, and I guess free shipping makes up for that.    Thanks a lot kai!

Winnipeg Canada here. I placed by pre-order at EB Feb 3. They will be getting the bonus discs on Feb 18. I put $20 down. Wind Waker is scheduled for March 26 I think.

Ian Sane:
Grey Ninja where in Canada do you live?  I live in the Vancouver area and Skies of Arcadia is available in most stores.  I even was able to find a place renting it last weekend.  I also preordered Zelda at EB in the same way Softshell did.  You shouldn't have to order from American sites to get those games.  If you have a friend who lives near a major Canadian city they should be able to find what you're looking for.


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