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A Question for Canucks

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Grey Ninja:
Blast it!  I DO live in a major Canadian city.  (Lethbridge, Alberta is sort of big).  I really envy you guys who are able to actually buy the games you want though.  Yes, I do have friends in bigger cities, but my problem is that I want the game as quickly as possible...  Most of my friends are even lazier than me, and I am sure that the game would be spending a long time getting its way to me.  *sigh*

I think I am just going to wait for Toys R' Us to get their act together, and then when they figure out whether they will be selling Skies of Arcadia, and giving the Zelda bonus discs, I will either buy it from them and save myself a lot of trouble, or I will buy them from DVD Box Office.  I emailed them about it, and they said that they would be shipping the bonus disc on the same day as Wind Waker (not really what I had in mind)  

Ian Sane:
Maybe you should try looking somewhere besides Toys 'R' Us.  Those retards couldn't even get my Gamecube preorder right.  After telling me again and again that I did NOT have to buy a bundle they told me on release day that I did.  Are there no other stores in Lethbridge that sell games?  What other cities are near Lethbridge?  You could always look somewhere else.

Grey Ninja:
My problem is that Toys R' Us, Future Shop, and Walmart are the only stores in town that sell games in mass quantities.  In my experience, Future Shop is the worst, and Toys R' Us is the best as far as that area goes.  I don't visit Walmart much, as it is across town, and I do not have a vehicle, so I am forced to rely on public transportation.  I suppose I should really call them and ask them one of these days...  Maybe I'll go do that right now.  Somehow it just never occurred to me.

As for nearby cities, Calgary is about 2 - 3 hours drive away, but again, not having a vehicle limits my options rather severely.

grey ninja

if you can get to an EB that is your best bet.

PS - do the broncos still play in lethbridge?

Grey Ninja:
nope.  No EB around here.  I do know of one in Calgary, but of course that's out of the question.  

I don't watch much (read: any) sports though, so I can't tell you much about the Broncos.  Sorry.

PS:  I emailed Nintendo about my frusterations, and here's a snippet from the response.  I guess I am a lot less worried than before now.  

And, yes, the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker pre-sale promotion is being
offered at retailer's in Canada as well as the United States.  However, in both
countries, it is up to the store to decide if they wish to participate.  Check
with your local retailers to find out if they have elected to take advantage of
this great promotion!
--- End quote ---


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