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Shigeru Miyamoto in London!

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A definite rental, but an unlikely buy with F-Zero just around the corner and looking much better.  However, if it's any good I may buy it used sometime in the future.

Seems like the GCN has an overabundance of futuristic racing games. Why can't companies start making realistic racers? F-Zero is all the Nintendo crowd needs.

This is not a good sign... This isn't the attitude Gamecubers should have. I would think the existence of F-Zero would boost the market for this kind of game, although I understand that F-Zero is going to absorb most of the market. I just hope this game sells well.

I'd like to know how come other console markets don't act like this. The existence of Halo 2 probably won't cause Doom III to not sell worth a flip, and vice versa.

Oh well. I only plan on buying F-Zero, too. I don't have the money to throw at all games.

Gamer Donkey:
I like the way it looks, but also love F-zero. So I made a deal with my friend to buy Tube Sliders while he buys F-Zero. Got my bases covered.


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