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Shigeru Miyamoto in London!

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I just checked out the screens of this at PGC, it looks pretty decent IMO. Is anyone planning on getting this later this month. I think i might give it a shot, it looks pretty good.

Infernal Monkey:
I'll give it a hire, at most. There's no way I'm gunna fork over the money for this. Too many other great things I have to get... *Ahem* Metroid, Sonic Mega Collection, GBA SP (BTW, GBA SP has been given a $200 AUD price tag! Sweet!)

I do wish the lads who created this game the best. They created one of my most favorite games of all time (Bonk's Adventure), but I just don't like the look of this game. Too much of an F-Zero/WipEout wannabe in my eyes.  

CSM a.k.a. DeftonesNOFX:
I think this will be no match for F-Zero. A plus for this game is that it's out so soon, but I'm waiting for the better futuristic racer.  

aoi tsuki:
It's pretty likely i'll be buying it, unless it gets horrid reviews. i've been playing a lot of Extreme G 3 lately and could use another speed fix.

My biggest concern is that racing in tubes all the time could get really boring. It's one thing to have a small section of track where you can ride on the ceiling or on a wall to breakup the monotony of racing on the standard track, but all-tube racing? We'll see.

Ian Sane:
I don't know much about this game but just the fact that it's a futuristic racer is enough for me to at least have some interest in it.  I think I'll rent it for sure unless it gets some really low reviews.  It's made by the team that made F-Zero Maximum Velocity so I'm sure it'll be good.


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