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Previous console generations to the Switch: Which games make the most sense?

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With the news recently that the 3DS and Wii U eshops will be shutting down fully next year it got me thinking to the previous consoles of 3DS and Wii U.  Namely the Wii and Gamecube which would be a ideal fit for a remaster/Remake or a optimised Switch game in some different controls from the GCN and Wii consoles.

Inspiration for this topic was from this video by Player Essence on youtube but I will be adding my personal selections not listed in the video below.

The 10 Wii games he listed were these.

Mad World
Twilight Princess
Wii Sports Resort
Muramasa the Demon Blade
Red Steel 2
Punch Out Wii
Metroid Prime Trilogy but more specifically MP3
Metroid Other M with different controls and maybe a hybrid of Other M and Dread
The Last Story
Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

Now for my personal list because at the time I wanted to have games which were unique and in the left field and
this dates back to the GCN era with titles like Samba De Aimgo Wii, Odama, Mushroom Men:Spore Wars and Nights: Journey into Dreams.

Here is my list and how they could work on the Switch.

ExciteBots: Trick Racing

I picture a similar game but with some tweaks to the game with HD Rumble when you go for huge leaps on the course but it would be counter balanced by other racers crashing into you or racers getting higher altitude than you and leap frogging you so it will be a balance of if you want to stay on the ground and just going as fast as you can to the max or making strategic leaps and enjoying the distance and break from the racers below you.

Items will play a part as well in that there will be two types of items.  One with Amibos and one without Amibos.
You wouldn't get any substantial edge but it would be a personal choice in how you want to play and what type of items you want to pair with your bot.

Also all the returning modes would return and through game play you could unlock different types of modes from past Excite games like Excite Soccer from 64, Hill climb mode from 64, Stunt Course from 64 and the Track Editor.

The thing with the above modes is that they would be 1 player,local play and online and if you create a track you can upload that to the server and have friends play it in all the different modes.  Think of it as a Mario Maker with Excite Bots assets.

Zack and Wiki:Quest for Barbaros Treasure.   This was one of the hidden gems but I felt like if the friend wasn't as knowlegable with how the game worked that the experience wasn't as enjoyable with a friend.   I think this would be helped by making an option to go online to help with the puzzles because there would be a larger pool of players to help.  Of course you could still have single and local co-op but this change would help a lot.

Boom Blox was a game which I think was ahead of its time and with the way the Switch could do puzzle games and with gyro sensors it would make the physics engine more robust with how you can tackle puzzles.  Just port the game but add that suggestion and it would be perfect.
Okami a grand adventure and has been on a few systems but some folks had problems with the brush combat/and just using the brush in general in the Wii version.  I think fixing this would help since the Switch can be more precise with movement there.

I also think some local co-op play could work at different parts in the game with Ami has an extra friend to help with different tasks.  Just picture Super Mario Galaxy drop in and drop out play.

Those 4 would be the top ones I would choose from my collection and haven't been on the Switch already.

I have 6 more that I would absolutely add but not as high.  Those are these.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.

It feels like a Nintendo console hasn't had a Tales of game in a while. I think that the story is really great and I think there could be a few tweaks to the game to make it better. Of those I think having to have any character as the playable character in combat would be great and not just Marta and Emil.  It was limited in that you have to have 3 or 4 human/half elf characters in you party and can't use monsters to play as and controlable.  Unlocking this I think would streamline the flow of the game.  Oh also obviously 4 player online co-op with jump in and jump out play and when a player jumps out the CPU controls the character.

New Super Mario Bros Wii.

It's perfect just add it Nintendo.

Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2.

Both great.  For 2 have online co-op with selectable players or even able to play as either Joe or Sylvia at the same time.


The way I picture this is a hybrid of an beat em up and platformer where in the platformer levels you can guide our hero via touch controls or gyro. Underrated game.


I feel like this could be a really great game on the Switch just port it over and add more suits and maybe a multiplayer mode with with new characters for Venessa to fight.

Elibits could be lots of fun on the Switch and I think it would morph into a point and click adventure in figuring out each rooms puzzle and how to solve the room all the while collecting Elibits to go onto the next room.

The next 3 are games where they would either be bundled with one of the previously named game or a series where a port isn't as likely.

Red Steel

Bundle it with Red Steel 2 and maybe 3 and have a value pack of games.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion

This could make use of a lot of the Switch's features like HD Rumble and the like.

Little Kings Story is a great game and under appreciated
and would make a great strategy game.

Finally for my big idea.

Game Boy Player.

I picture a a single place where all GBA, GBA Micro, DS, DSi, 3DS, GB and GBC virtual consoles could be its own dedicated eshop and as many of each handhelds will be there on launch day.  When is that you ask?  One day after the 3DS and Wii U eshops go down.

Will all that being said what GC or Wii games do you think would work well on the Switch? Let me know and I look forward to hearing from you.

Luigi Dude:

--- Quote from: BeautifulShy on February 25, 2022, 02:31:18 AM ---Okami a grand adventure and has been on a few systems but some folks had problems with the brush combat/and just using the brush in general in the Wii version.  I think fixing this would help since the Switch can be more precise with movement there.

--- End quote ---

Okami's already on the Switch.  Even gives players the option to use motion or analogue controls for the brush.


--- Quote from: Luigi Dude on February 25, 2022, 10:33:22 AM ---Okami's already on the Switch.  Even gives players the option to use motion or analogue controls for the brush.

--- End quote ---
But does it have an IGN watermark?

Some great pics BShy. I would second Trauma Team and Red Steel.
Looking at my Wii collection, so many have already been ported.
Kirby's Return to Dream Land would look luscious in HD.
Epic Mickey, The Simpsons Game, and Harvey Birdman all hold up well IMO but would have licensing issues to deal with.
Dead Space: Extraction would great but with some light gun peripheral that the joy con slide into.
Finally, requiring the least amount of work needed would be Rhythm Heaven Fever and maybe playing it in handheld I could finally get the last gold medal  >:(

To actually answer the question:

I tend to err on the side of remaking bad/flawed games as more of a priority because good games are already good. To that end, for me, it’s Metroid: Other M. It’s almost a good game overall, just saddled with numerous questionable choices. The central throughline of a young woman reconnecting with her mentor/father-figure is perfectly fine, even welcomed in a series that barely delved into the protagonist’s character. Tell the story in the present events of the game and tie the meaningful character development to gameplay. There are so many untapped possibilities with a 3D action focused Samus-led gaiden series. “Fixing” Other M as almost a proof of concept would be one place to start.

Otherwise, maybe some modern/quality of life updates to the Mother series. There was a recent fan made Mother 3 tribute that reimagines the graphics in 3D. Other than maybe updating Mother 1 to be more aligned aesthetically to the later games, I don’t think the series needs a major graphical overhaul since I always thought the series had a very distinct look (thus I’m glad the N64 version of mother 3 was canceled). However, if Nintendo was going to remake everything, the claymation look and feel would absolutely be the way to go. For a mere remaster, 16x9 aspect ratio without stretching and some way to speed up the game because old RPGs tend to drag a bit. Mother 3’s combo system tied to the battle music would admittedly be a lot more difficult to pull off in a 2x/4x speed option like Square Enix added to some of their remasters.

EDIT: Also, call the Magypsies something else to avoid the controversy (don’t change the designs though). And update the part where the merman kisses Lucas (it’s actually a machine that supplies oxygen). That would be a bad look even if the machine resembled a mermaid. Lucas is like 12. Nah, dude.


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