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Ocarina/Master Quest available separately?


I was cruising through, checking out the Wind Waker, when THIS caught my eye...
It looks as if you could actually purchase the bonus disc separately rather than get it free with Wind Waker (though I don't understand WHY you would do that...), though it looks like it costs $10 MORE than Wind Waker.
Just something odd I'd like to pass along. I really need to get off my rear and pre-order Wind Waker soon...  

Yeah, and at most local gamestores such as GameStop, EB Games, could do that too. Infact, I went down to GameStop today after school just to see if they were selling them seperately, but I didn't buy one because I'll be getting my copy tomorrow. I agree, too, it's so expensive...It was only $20 when I went to GameStop, which is still quite expensive for a bonus disk.


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