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Stimutacs Addict:
Does anyone know what the control layout will be for this (hopefully) dazzling title? I was wondering how they would do the controls for the arcade version, and then i began to think "how does the layout for the GCN version work?"

also, how do you think the arcade layout will be... i think playing F-Zero with a joystick would be a little awkward

anyways, i guess if anyone has any ideas, then here is the place to discuss it...  

I think it was said it would be like the N64's layout. (I think it was the preview on Planetgamecube a few days ago.)

Sure, Bakudan covered the controls in his Impressions of the game.  Here they are:
A button - accelerate
B button - brake
X button - side attack
Y button - boost
Z button - spin attack
L / R trigger - moving the center of mass
Control Pad - change view  

Perfect Cell:
I think he meant the Arcade Cabinet, not the console version.

He was actually asking about both.  I doubt the arcade version will use a joystick, but it will be interesting to try F-Zero out with a steering wheel too.


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