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My Nintendo memories for 3DS and Wii U

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For a limited time Nintendo launched a site to look on your gaming stats on 3DS and WiiU:

My stats

Total Play Time -- 693hrs
Total Titles Played -- 128

Most Played:
Kid Icarus: Uprising -- 96hrs
StreetPass Mii Plaza -- 53hrs
Luigi's Mansion 2 -- 31hrs

Wii U:

Total Play Time -- 4822hrs

Total Titles Played -- 80

Most Played:
YouTube (lol) -- 3301hrs
The Wonderful 101 -- 261hrs
BAYONETTA -- 197hrs

That's actually very low time spent on these systems, Youtube excluding. Still great times were had.

Total Play Time - 509hrs
Total Titles Played - 43

Most Played:
Splatoon - 169hrs
Super Smash Bros. for WiiU -129
Mario Kart 8 - 96hrs

Favorite Genres:
Multiplayer(Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8 )
Action(Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, Super Mario 3D World)
Shooter(Mega Man X2, Splatoon)

Total Play Time - 445hrs
Total Titles Played - 18

Most Played:
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - 339hrs
Little Battlers eXperience - 35hrs
Kirby: Triple Deluxe - 12hrs

Favorite Genres:
Action(MH4U, Senran Kagura Burst)
Adventure(MH4U, Ninja Battle Heroes)
Fighting(MH4U, Senran Kagura Burst)

Mop it up:

No real surprises for me, although I didn't think Wii U playtime would be that high with how little it had. Though I s'pose half that time is the top 3 alone.

The 3DS section doesn't list DS games, only 3DS stuff, otherwise that chart would be significantly higher and a little different.


--- Quote from: azeke on February 16, 2022, 05:02:20 AM ---For a limited time

--- End quote ---
I guess we have not reached that limit yet  ;)

Mario Maker FTW!

Ugh this is annoying.  I can't get into my account.  It is asking for two factor authtication and I don't have that on my phone anymore since I had to reset it to factory settings.


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