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Panic ran into an 11th hour battery issue that it announced on 11/11/2021. It got the first 5000 units and after testing some, the battery wouldn't charge or power on at all. Panic sent all the units back and replaced all the battery with a different one.

Anyway, this delayed launch out of 2021. I'm in Group #2 estimated for "Early 2022" which I presume will be in March 2022 while Group #1 will be in January or February. I'm kind of bummed about the delay because I was looking forward to playing it on my week off. It's fine though; it doesn't even matter. Time is an illusion.

Panic updated how the season rollout will go. The season starts as soon as you set up Playdate for the first time. You get two games immediately then two games every Monday for three months. I presume this means you could technically receive Playdate on a Saturday, set it up, get two games then two more games two days later.

Finally, the full Playdate SDK will be available in February 2022. I won't be making games, but I will gladly reap the benefits of others' hard work.

Did anyone else besides me and Lenonade preorder Playdate?

Bee tea dubz, Giles Goddard, lead programmer of 1080° Snowboarding, is creating a snowboarding game for Play date. Check a look at his Twitter dealie HERE. 3/4 view, smooth animation.

Keybored Studios, which I am not familiar with, showed off a “hidden” 3D engine for Playdate. FPS takes a major hit so I doubt it’ll be used often. Check a look at the YouTube vid HERE. I made sure not to use the Shorts version. Also, do not unmute. There’s about 15 seconds of music then beautiful, beautiful silence.


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