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The Official "Oh ****, I forgot to preorder the Analogue Pocket" thread.

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--- Quote from: Stratos on August 05, 2020, 01:14:27 PM ---Bummer they potentially won't make more, hopefully the stink about preorder issues means they will prep for another run down the road.

--- End quote ---
Oof, is there more recent info on this? Analogue previously announced on Twitter it’s making more. In a statement to IGN, Analogue said:

--- Quote ---Shopify's shipping calculator was slowed down by immense traffic - we'll have a solution in the future. We apologize to those who experienced this issue.
--- End quote ---
That sounds like it’s referring strictly to traffic. Chances are there will be shortages in future runs as long as Coronavirus is still a thing so if Analogue wants to prevent another debacle, it should, at the very least, make adding items to a cart reserve them for 15 minutes like many ticket sites. I’m on the fence on limiting one per customer as I feel most people only ordered one anyway. However, I don’t know how else to deter scalpers. Listings with clownfuck mark ups were on eBay within minutes of selling out. eBay took them down, but still.

I hope this doesn't happen the other other niche handheld console coming eventually, the Playdate. I want one of those.


--- Quote from: Lemonade on August 06, 2020, 08:01:10 AM ---I hope this doesn't happen the other other niche handheld console coming eventually, the Playdate. I want one of those.

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Yeah, I definitely want the Playdate more. I hope Panic saw how the Analogue Pocket played out and decided to put more safeguards in place. Considering the Playdate is a new console with exclusive games, I think it should be one per customer.

2021: Pocket, Bots, Scalpers, Limited Quantities vs Limited Editions and Customer Support - 2/22/21

For interested parties.

The short version:

* Analogue will be implementing “robust bot protection” on its store during product launches. All orders placed by bots will be canceled.
* Analogue will be monitoring reselling sites like eBay and reporting such listings to eBay as this is against eBay policies. All preorder listed for resale will be canceled.
* Clarification on various terminology. I don’t want to type all that out. The important bit is the Analogue Pocket much like most of the company’s other products, is NOT a limited edition release. It will have more Pockets available in 2021 and will do its best to keep it in stock. The phrasing is a little vague here, but I presume this is more than the canceled pre-orders from bots and resellers.Kind of feel like Analogue should have had those measures in place before the Pocket debacle though I’m glad it addressed them at all. It could have just as easily told us to go hang. For these retro releases, there aren’t better options currently. While it would have been nice to have gotten in during the first batch, I’m not in a huge rush. I want the black model, dock, screen protector, and probably the case. I don’t need any of the adapters.

Ian Sane:
I'm glad that at the very least Analogue has acknowledged that there were problems and has said they're going to address them.  Can't change the past but you can improve for the future.

Since the Pocket pre-order I've bought a few Game Gear games which is somewhat silly since I currently have no way to play them and if any of them were defective I won't be able to confirm that until well after the point where I could get a refund.  But I don't see Game Gear games every time I got to a retro game store so I have to take advantage of the situation, right?  I have not bought anything over 10 bucks so I have shown some restraint at least.  I got Shinobi, a few Sonics and some of the Disney games that I heard were good.


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