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The Official "Oh ****, I forgot to preorder the Analogue Pocket" thread.

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Well, guess I'll just order the part of my GBA solution that we aren't allowed to talk about on the forums bc it's against the rules instead.

I refreshed the page at 10:59 AM EST and the preorder button was up. I got stuck on shipping calculating for several minutes. Once I got through and entered my credit card info around 11:07 AM, it sold out (left the dock and screen protector in my cart so that’s cool).

I’m modding the screen of some GBAs so that’ll hold me over while I wait for the Analogue Pocket to be available again (in 2022). I mainly wanted it for the dock. Hopefully, I’ll snag one on the second run.

We're allowed to talk about the Afterburner here!

Yeah I was bingeing Star Trek TNG in bed and totally forgot.

Ian Sane:
I feel kind of guilty for some reason but I managed to get a pre-order for the system, dock and Game Gear adapter.  I got the shipping calculator spinning thing that most people got.  I had entered my shipping address the prior night, though I had no idea it would save.  I wanted to get some idea of what the shipping to Canada would be and had put their Sega Genesis product in the cart to calculate that and then removed it.  When I saw that the shipping calculator was taking its sweet time my developer instincts kicked in and I suspected that maybe it had not properly sent the shipping address and thus was spinning indefinitely.  So I went back to "edit" my shipping address but didn't actually change anything and saved and that appeared to wake it up because it then figured it out very quickly.

Of course requiring people to think of developer tricks to get websites working isn't really fair.  I wish this had been an open pre-order to determine the quantities needed to produce.  But with covid-19 messing manufacturing up and Analogue being a small company I can understand that they might already have a fixed number of items because that's all the factory would allocate for them.  But their products in the past have also had limited runs so it appears to be part of the way they do business which sucks from a consumer perspective.

The Neo Geo Pocket and Lynx adapters aren't available yet and that creates another hurdle for me as those were part of the whole point of me buying this.  I want to have one system to handle all of those handhelds at once and display on a TV so I can collect the games but not fuss with old systems that need caps and screens replaced.  Am I going to have to be extremely lucky to land those as well?

Analogue appears to be a luxury brand but I don't really want a luxury product.  I want something in between where the quality of their FPGA hardware is there but the rest of the product is of typical quality for a mass-market consumer item.  Like their NES had an aluminum shell.  I don't need that, I'm in the market for a FPGA NES clone that runs both NES and Famicom games and connects to HDMI with no lag.  That in itself is a specialist product but it doesn't need any other expensive bells and whistles and doesn't need to ship priority only.  They need a budget line.

Bummer they potentially won't make more, hopefully the stink about preorder issues means they will prep for another run down the road.


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