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Wii U eshop games are getting delisted left and right! Recommend stuff here,

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--- Quote from: Mr. Bungle on July 15, 2020, 10:28:15 PM ---
* Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water - There was no physical version on the US so this is the only way to go
--- End quote ---

I'm still salty at Nintendo of America for how they handled this series. Great Wii entries, and a decent Wii U title... and North America got shafted in all three cases. Pretty disappointing.

That said, thanks for bringing up PushMo World. The 3DS titles were pretty great; should add that one to my "please buy" list.

How does the Wii version of Mario 64 play? My copy is on 'forever loan' to an old friend in a different state and I don't imagine I'll be getting it back. I've been holding out on a remake/remaster (that included the DS version content) but I'm about ready to give up and either re-buy the original cart or get it on the eShop. The rumors have me holding out through the end of the year, but I'll definitely be grabbing it early 2021 if the rumors don't pan out.

~By "run" I mostly mean how does it control? Do the analog inputs transfer over well enough? Not AS worried about frame rate since I don't have high expectations for an N64 game.

If you're doing it on the Wii U than the DS version is probably a safer bet. It feels fairly authentic with an analog stick and it doesn't have the n64 dark filter.

I didn't realize the DS version was on the Wii U eShop. That would be the best case scenario purchase if the analog controls are restored.

Or I could try that reverse engineered Mario 64 PC mod with 60fps, 4k, and upgraded textures...

I wonder if Nintendo-published ones like Dr. Luigi, Star Fox Guard, Pushmo World and Mario Vs. DK: Tipping Stars will ever move to a different platform, or stay exclUsive. I guess the Mario vs. DK one was on 3DS too.

--- Quote from: Mr. Bungle on July 15, 2020, 10:28:15 PM ---Here are my suggestions:

* TurboGrafx16 Virtual Console - Anything not on the TurboGrafx mini
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Back in the TG-16 mini topic I made a list of these. Here's everything on the eShop, but not on the Mini:
-Battle Chopper
-Battle Lode Runner
-Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure
-Break In
-Detana!! TwinBee
-Devil's Crush
-Digital Champ: Battle Boxing
-Double Dungeons
-Final Soldier
-Image Fight
-Image Fight II
-Legend of Hero Tonma
-World Sports Competition

I've not played most of these, but Bonk 3 is ludicrously expensive on HuCard/CD so probably worth getting. Final Soldier and the ImageFight games are decent shooters, but if you already have the Mini I don't know if it adds much to have them.
Break In is a snooker/pool thing, think Side Pocket, and Devil's Crush is the demonic pinball sequel to Alien Crush. Don't get Battle Chopper, it's really difficult. Shockman is a weird Mega Man/Gradius type thing with alternating shooting and run&gun levels. Looks incredibly difficult too.

--- Quote from: Mr. Bungle on July 15, 2020, 10:28:15 PM ---Here are my suggestions:

* Axiom Verge - The Gamepad provides a great second screen here.
--- End quote ---
Real bummer the system didn't get many more Metroid/Vania titles to use this feature. I can only think of Axiom Verge, Guacamelee, Forma.8, The Swapper, and I think the Shantae games?
There must be more, but I can't think of them.


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