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Wii U eshop games are getting delisted left and right! Recommend stuff here,

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Mop it up:
Nintendo isn't making this easy, they've already updated their eShop website to try and remove most traces of 3DS and Wii U. I guess I'll have to dive back into the systems themselves to make some wishlists, though a quick preliminary search shows that I'm mainly interested in a few VC games. I won't be getting anything right away though, I'm gonna wait it out until the end in the off chance of any sales, plus if there's any word of Game Boy systems hitting the Switch then I'll skip buying those.

You know, once again Nintendo is leaving piles of money on the floor. They could make this a big bang and offer last-chance sales to get people in, or leave the prices the same and announce any purchases made before the shutdown will be ported over to the Switch and suddenly you would get a lot of people piling on the grab them.

Man I better Download Bomberman 64 ASAP. Man what fun that was. I loved the single player and multiplayer. My kids deserve to try that multiplayer!

I think I kept everything on some sort of storage. But it will probably be months or years before I get the urge to hook up my wii u again.


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