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Wii U eshop games are getting delisted left and right! Recommend stuff here,

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Apparently Nintendo is not renewing Wii U developer licenses and when your license expires your game gets delisted. Despite it's troubled lifecycle, the Wii U has a suite of hidden gems on the eshop still available. Alot of these games are on other platforms but there are still plenty of games that are either exclusive to (at least for Nintendo audiences) or an many cases best enjoyed on the Wii U.

I'm going to start with a game called 6180: The Moon which uses the gamepad to extend the playfield in a really interesting way. The trailer doesn't exactly convey the strange yet exhilarating feel you get out of playing the game but I'm still going to post it here.

for BnM

The most obvious example of this would be Affordable Space Adventures, which uses Gamepad controls in a very novel way. Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails can be played on other systems, but I fell in love with it on Wii U.

I thought for sure you'd be recommending Paper Mario: Color Splash....  :o

I bought more stuff from the Wii U eShop than I probably should have. If asked what was worth owning from that list, my top picks (not necessarily obscure) would be:

* Affordable Space Adventures
* Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara
* Freedom Planet
* Human Resource Machine
* Runbow
* Stealth Inc 2
* Stick it to the Man
* Toki Tori 2
* XType Plus

Plus all the SteamWorld and Shantea games.

Here are my suggestions:

* Nano Assault Neo - I prefer the 3DS version but recommend getting it on both systems
* Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water - There was no physical version on the US so this is the only way to go
* Devil's Third - This will not likely get re-released and the digital version is much cheaper than the disc
* Runner 2 - Not the full title but you know what I am referring to
* Pushmo World - Great use of the gamepad
* Ducktales Remastered - Wait this may already be gone. If so then track down the disc version
* DS Virtual Console - There is a ton of great ones but I recommend the two Zelda games
* N64 Virtual Console - Where else are you going to get Donkey Kong 64
* Wii Virtual Console - I recommend the Metroid Prime Trilogy
* TurboGrafx16 Virtual Console - Anything not on the TurboGrafx mini
* Axiom Verge - The Gamepad provides a great second screen here.


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