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How many Joycon have you lost so far, be it to analog drift or some other issue? I was at 3 already when I went for the Hori Pad instead. I have 2 pairs but only one of the right ones don't succumb to some kind of drift.

All mine still work, with minimal to no drift. It probably helps that I play a lot of games with the D-Pad  and have gone through a couple different sets of primary Joy-Cons.

None, technically.  But I have sent in all four of mine for repairs at this point.

I have 2 pairs w/ some form of drift. Been dragging my feet on sending them in because I'm hoping they find a more permanent fix before I do, but it's been long enough I may as well get around to it. My OG grey and the extra red/blue I bought shortly after launch are both guilty of drift. I bought the Mario Party bundle with yellow green and got a purple/orange set for Christmas and those have been going strong but I like to think that is partly because I baby them and only allow adults to use them. The drifters are officially my kiddie joy-cons.

I have 3 pairs of joy-con. The red/blue pair that came with my launch switch, a grey pair I bought at the end of year 1 and the splatoon color ones. Both the red/blue and grey had the the disconnect problem that I fixed using conducting tape. They also had drift in the left sticks so both have been sent in for repair and returned for free. The splatoon ones have worked fine so far. I also took the straps off the red/blue pair to make them better to use for ARMs.


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