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NBA Thread: Brought To You By The Tampa Bay Raptors Of Toronto

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I'm sure BNM is happy with this result.  Warriors back in the Finals.

Let's Goooo!!!!

Mav's were a good opponent, but we just had too many weapons.
Luka in peak physical and mental shape, and w/ one more piece next to him, and results could easily be different.

Just hoping GP2, Otto Porter and Iggy are all Ready to Go for game 1. All hands on deck.

Now, even being willing to bet that Cetls win this series, I'm hoping the Heat show up at least one more time and take their series to 7. I know they are all beat the hell up, but this they last chance to give themselves a chance. All or nothing.

Yes I am hoping for the same result of making it to game 7 in the east just so if the Celtics make it to the finals that the Celtics have less time to rest and less of a chance from winning their 18th chip.   They can not pass the Lakers so soon after the Lakers tied up the chip total!!!

Yay, the Lakers signed Davin Ham to a 4 year deal!! 

Finally, a close game in the Eastern Conference Finals. Big Heat win in Tiddy Garden.

I’m pulling for a Warriors vs. Heat matchup. I’d probably still lean Warriors, but I do want Jimmy Butler to get at least one ring.

--- Quote from: BeautifulShy on May 27, 2022, 08:45:07 PM ---Yay, the Lakers signed Davin Ham to a 4 year deal!!
--- End quote ---
Very happy with this hire. Long overdue head coaching opportunity for Ham. I’m hoping he can reign Westbrook in, get him to slow the hell down. I don’t want the Lakers using any more assets shedding Westbrook’s expiring contact so let’s see if Ham can get the most out of him.


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