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The Animal Crossing Amiibo Trading Card Trading Post

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So I just caved and more Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards are on their way. I should definitely have a decent chance at collecting a full set if I can find people to trade with. (At least Series 1... ugh I don't even want to think about Series 2 yet)

By the way, I've never collected cards before. I vaguely remember all the Magic: The Gathering players at my HS having sleeves and binders, I was wondering if anyone knew of a good storage solution for these Amiibo Cards?

Just picked up 14 more packs at a Walmart.  22 total.  Should be done, assuming trades work in my favor. :D

Storage solution: There's an "official" binder coming out in EU for these.  No word of a US release. :(

22 packs total.
132 total cards.
71 towards my set of 100 - leaving 29 needed.
61 duplicates.

Oh, my weary blind-pack trading card friend... where have you been?

I picked up 8 more packs today. I decided to take an extra pack in case it helps with trading and potentially getting lucky with a few new cards. Nothing worse than going through a pack and every card is a duplicate. Arghhhh!

End result is 108 total cards. 68/100 collected. 40 duplicates. I seem to have had a little better odds than Unclebob who is only 3 ahead of me by acquiring 24 more cards than me. I must take solace where I can.

I guess now would be the time to start opening up trading. I am still looking for the following in order by their card number and name:

3. DJ KK
10. Pascal
14. Luna
17. Lottie
27. Lopez
34. Kiki
36. Alli
51. Opal
66. Gruff
78. Roscoe
92. Henry
96. Cole
97. Willow
99. Molly

I have the following for trade:

1. Isabelle
6. Resetti
8. Timmy
11. Harriet (x2)
16. Lyle (x2)
24. Kyle (x2)
26. Renee (x2)
31. Sheldon (x2)
32. Bluebear
35. Deli
37. Kabuki
38. Patty
39. Jitters
44. Shari
47. Knox
53. Limberg
54. Deena (x2)
56. Bangle
60. Samson
62. T-Bone
75. Amelia
76. Jeremiah (x2)
79. Truffles
80. Eugene
81. Eunice (x3)
82. Goose
83. Annalisa
84. Benjamin
87. Bunnie (x2)
94. Cyrano

Let's make a deal!


--- Quote from: Kairon on September 26, 2015, 04:12:03 AM ---Woah, I was right, you HAVE given this way more thought than me Khushrenada!

--- End quote ---

Not that much. I just suddenly realized as I was creating the thread that it was putting us in a territory NWR has sort of avoided involving real life possessions trading hands so I figured I best try to make this as acceptable as possible in the hopes we are allowed to do this.

--- Quote ---I'd LOVE to collect a full set, but I'll only be slightly disappointed if not possible. My secondary goal is to own Bunni (#83) since she's a favorite character of both me and my brother's.

--- End quote ---

I think you mean Bunnie (#87), aka Sidney Crosby. Well, since I have 2 extra of that character, I'd say you don't need to worry about missing out on that card.

--- Quote ---I just discovered an analysis from earlier this year that calculates that if you were going to trade your way to a full set, you'd have to buy 17 packs (to ensure you have at least 17 special cards) and then do an average number of 6 special trades and 30 normal card trades. That's a lot of trades, but waaaay better than the pure random pack buying method where you'd have to buy an average of 83 packs to achieve the same thing without trading:

--- End quote ---

Well, the analysis is right in about special cards. I need 6 of them still. However, I only need 26 of the regular cards so I'm a doing a little better than the odds. But in the words of Han Solo, "Never tell me the odds."

--- Quote ---I also just found out that Nintendo has been kind enough to display/list all the cards currently available here, so maybe you don't have to handtype a whole list on your own Khush?

--- End quote ---

Yeah but I'll probably still want to do one anyways because I take my Animal Crossing Trading seriously.


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