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The Animal Crossing Amiibo Trading Card Trading Post

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Do you like Animal Crossing? Do you like it so much that you'd be willing to buy Amiibo Trading Cards and attempt to get a complete set of all 100 in Series 1 (and all 100 in Series 2)? Then welcome to the place for you! In an effort to make things easier for the Animal Crossing Amiibo Trading Card collector on the go, I thought it would be a good idea to create a 1 stop shop area where collectors can get together to help fill in the gaps for their collections.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Khushrenada thread without it being on very shaky ground in regards to forum rules. Thus, some very clear disclaimers need to be made right now. Always remember this:

Regarding participation:
1. Anyone who wishes to participate in this thread does so of their own free will.
2. No personal information about a person, such as a shipping or mailing address is to be posted by an poster in this thread.
3. No one who receives personal information from another user may post it in this thread or anywhere else on these forums at anytime either before, during or after any trades or from whenever such information is given.
4. If you do wish to arrange a trade with someone and need to give such info out, it is up to the users involved in the trade to figure out how they want to send that info out whether it be via private message or another means offsite. Anyone giving out this information should be 18 years or older. If a minor, they may do so only on the basis that they have approval from their legal guardian.
5. All participants who are trading do so in good faith and without intent to commit fraud or any other ill intent.
6. Each users recognizes that any costs incurred via a trade or acquiring Amiibo cards are of the user's own responsibility and no one else's.
7. If any loss occurs, neither another user nor Nintendo World Report can be, is or will be held reliable for the loss or for reimbursement in any way financially.
8. More rules may be added, adjusted or deleted. Any rules added, adjusted or deleted are retroactively instated to apply to any trades already made, currently occurring or yet to come or for any other posts made in this thread and apply to all users and participants in this thread no matter the time when they began to participate in it. It is the responsibility of each user and participant to stay current with regards to the rules. There is no obligation for NWR, its staff, affilieties, advertisers or any other forum user to inform any user or participant about added, adjusted or deleted rules.

The most important rule and catch all point of this trading thread is that: Even if any or all of these rules are broken by a user or participant in this thread, forum or any other part of the NWR website, then neither Nintendo World Report, nor any of its staff, affilieties, advertisers or forum members may be held legally responsible, whether criminal or civil, in regards to any issue, problem or hardship that occurs from said broken rules. This waiving of legal rights applies to any participation made by any user in this thread and towards any trade or actions taken by NWR and/or its staff, affilieties, advertisers or any other forum users in response to any actions or posts made in this thread. This waiving of legal rights applies to all either willing or non willingly in regards to any matter with this thread.

Any participation in this thread, participation made elsewhere on this site because of this thread or discussion of anything pertaining to this thread from any user is to be taken and applied to that user as agreeing to the terms and conditions listed in this post and thread. If a user does not wish to comply to these rules nor agree to them, then a user will show this by not participating in this thread, by not participating elsewhere on this site because of this thread and by not discussing anything pertaining to this thread anywhere on the NWR site or forums.


--- Quote from: Khushrenada on September 26, 2015, 03:20:21 AM ---1. Anyone who wishes to participate in this thread does so of their own free will.

--- End quote ---

This is a very important distinction, because if you read the rules carefully you'll see that is not true in other parts of the forum.

Wasn't that fun? The gist of it is that there is potential for someone to be wronged if trading cards, whether intentionally or unintentionally and for any wrong or loss that does occur, no one else can be accountable except you. Trader beware.

At this point, I'd create a list of all 100 Amiibo cards that can currently by collected in series 1. However, I'm on a bit of vacation and only have my phone for Internet access. Typing that list of guidelines has been grueling enough for now. Thus, I'll add the list in a couple days. For now, I just thought I'd get a thread going and find out who might be interested in participating. Right now, I'd prefer this thread stick to a card for a card trading system as the premise for exchange but that could change as time goes by.

Personally, I'm willing to participate and give this a try. I've bought 10 packs so far. I'll probably buy another 7. My goal is to buy as few packs as possible to reach 100 cards and hopefully trade the duplicates acquired for the missing cards needed. Of the 60 cards purchased so far, I've acquired 48 of the 100 with 12 duplicates meaning a 20% failure rate. If I am so fortunate to keep this ratio up, then I should have 80 out of 100 cards collected from my next 7 packs. Doubt that will happen but who knows. Anyways, I'll post more once I know what all I am missing and acquire a few more packs.

The good news for me is that I've acquired Crazy Redd already along with a few other favorites like Sable, Resetti, and Diana.

I'll also mention some of the duplicates I'll be looking to trade. For special cards, I have 1 Harriet and 1 Isabella for trade. For regulars, I have 2 Eunice cards and 1 card each for Sheldon, Kabuki, Bangle, Kyle, Deena, Cyrano, Deli and Renee.

Woah, I was right, you HAVE given this way more thought than me Khushrenada!

I've got one pack in hand right now, but I've got another 11 on the way. I'll probably buy a couple more so I think it looks like I'll land around 100 total cards or so just like you, provided I don't change my mind.

I'd LOVE to collect a full set, but I'll only be slightly disappointed if not possible. My secondary goal is to own Bunni (#87) since she's a favorite character of both me and my brother's.

I just discovered an analysis from earlier this year that calculates that if you were going to trade your way to a full set, you'd have to buy 17 packs (to ensure you have at least 17 special cards) and then do an average number of 6 special trades and 30 normal card trades. That's a lot of trades, but waaaay better than the pure random pack buying method where you'd have to buy an average of 83 packs to achieve the same thing without trading:

I also just found out that Nintendo has been kind enough to display/list all the cards currently available here, so maybe you don't have to handtype a whole list on your own Khush?


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