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Official NFL Discussion: If You Only Count The Legal Points, KC Wins

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Huge blockbuster trade tonight. The Rams acquire Matthew Stafford from the Lions in exchange for two future 1sts, a 3rd, and Jared Goff. The Rams have been mortgaging their future to win now for the last few years, and now they're doubling down on that strategy. The last time the Rams had a first round pick was 2016 (which was Goff, who's now gone), and now they won't have one until at least 2023.

Also, if Stafford is worth that much, how much can Houston get for DeShaun Watson, who's younger and better and under contract for longer?

Gonna be really interesting to see what happens with Watson.  Was Houston already shopping him around?  I'm wondering if Stafford was the best trade available right at that moment, or if the Rams just wanted him more, or if Houston's asking price is that much higher.

Detroit had committed to trading Stafford already while Houston's still acting like they might not trade Watson. I don't know if the Rams had enough ammo to get Watson anyway, especially if it turns into a bidding war. We've never really seen anything like this before, so it's hard to tell how it will go.

Ian Sane:
My brother and I have gotten into the habit of referring to Goff as "Jared Goof".  The guy got badly exposed in the Superbowl a few years back.  The Patriots realized that Goff was relying entirely on Sean McVay's playcalling so they would hold off on setting their defensive formation until after the headsets were turned off.  Unlike good quarterbacks, Goff couldn't react on the fly to the defense and the offense went nowhere.  Oddly enough Goff's huge contract came AFTER he was exposed as a fraud and the Rams organization would logically have known he was a fraud the entire time.  Never made any sense to me.

Goff is a quarterback that succeeds because of the organization around him while Stafford has probably succeeded despite it.  So in theory the trade makes sense for LA.  There is a lot of risk involved of course.  But if they win a Superbowl I doubt Rams fans will care if they have no first round draft pick for several years.  I suppose in theory if this all fails and they need the picks back they could probably get them by trading Aaron Donald or flipping Stafford again since there is always someone desperate for a quarterback.

Nothing on 7 time Superbowl champ.
First time home team on home field in Superbowl.
Blowout of the Chief's, bouncing balls off receivers facemask in the end zone, Superbowl LV that aired tonight?

.... Ok
How about that halftime show though?
He spent an extra $7M of his own money on that....

No, no one cares about that either... Ok.


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