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Mafia XXXII: Super MAFIA Bros. Players List


Super MAFIA Bros. Players List


Stevey - townie
Plugabugz - townie
pap64 - townie
ShyGuy - townie
ThePerm - Wario
insanolord - townie
Gylldas - townie
SirSniffy - Mario
DAaaMan64 - townie
Kashogi Y. Stogi - Peach


Pale - townie
Spak-Spang - townie
blackfootsteps - townie
Decoyman - townie
Maxi - Mafia Hammer Bros.
Dasmos - Townie Hammer Bros.
vudu - Luigi
Khushrenada - Koopa Troopa
GoldenPhoenix - Bowser
RABicle - Koopa Troopa
nickmitch - Koopa Jr.
Mop_it_Up - Koopa Troopa
Stratos - Bob-omb


Townies (x7)

The Rules:

(plagiarized from Khushrenada, who plagiarized it from Pyropizm)

Everyday each player is allowed to vote for whomever they believe is mafia.  Since all roles remain anonymous, mafia members will vote along with the townies.

Each day a new thread will be made and will open up with a narrative.  Each player then has the chance to vote off another player.  Simply type in BOLD for whom you wish to vote.  You may change your vote as much as you like, but any old votes must remain legible.  Simply edit the post, unbold the vote, and make a new post with the new vote.

You must vote at least once every three days.  If three days pass without a vote from you, you are dead.

Every night, the mafia is able to make one hit. These are not based on calendar numbers, but rather on game days.  The only one who may contact the game-master with the kill is the Godfather.

For the townies to win, they must kill all mafia members and "Other" roles.

For the mafia to win, they only need to tie the game. I.E., there are two townies left and two mafia members left. The mafia would also have to kill the "Other" roles just the same as the townies.

For the "Other" roles to win, they would have to fulfill the requirements of their role. Those requirements are explained in each role description.

In the event of a tied vote, there will be an overtime, sudden death voting period of 30 minutes.  The only votes that may be cast are votes for one of the players who were tied in the voting.

If the tie is unresolved after 30 minutes, then the vote is nullified and both players will live to see another day.

If a player submits a night action, but is killed by another night action, the initial night action will be successful IF AND ONLY IF it is received before the night action that kills them.


Mafia Roles:

Godfather - King Koopa

King Koopa AKA Bowser is the godfather of the Koopa Mafia.  He is delighted at his new undercover disguise, and will use the opportunity to take down Mario and the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom.  He has the ability to kill one player at night by sending his henchmen, the Koopa Troopa.  He must choose himself, or a specific henchman to perform the hit.  If King Koopa is eliminated from the game, one of the Koopa Troopa.  This is done via a vote amongst the remaining Mafia members.    King Koopa will appear as "Townie" if he is investigated.  ONLY KING KOOPA can perform a hit on Mario without dying.

Mafia Members - Koopa Troopa

Will ascend to Godfather if King Koopa is eliminated, and voted in by peers.

Imposter- Koopa Jr.

Koopa Jr. sees this fortunate turn of events as a way to gain father with the old man.  He can choose one person a night to impersonate.  If that person is the same person that Mario investigates, then that investigation will come back "Mafia" even if the person is innocent.

Townie Roles:

Investigator - Mario

Mario was protecting the Princess from Bowser when everyone was transformed.  He has been around the kingdom a few times, and will be able to coerce a confession from anyone in town who might be lying about their identity.  He can investigate any player once a night and will learn their role.  The only Koopa Mafia member who can kill Mario safely is Bowser himself.  If any other Koopa Mafia members attempt to hit Mario, they will be killed along with Mario.

Protector - Luigi

Luigi sees this oppurtunity as a chance to finally step out of the shadow of his brother Mario, and has declared himself the "Knight in Green Armor".  He will be relentless in his pursuit of justice, and will walk the streets at night, protecting the innocent from the clutches of Bowser and the Koopa Mafia.  Luigi will choose one player to protect from death by Mafia hit, Bob-omb's attack move, or Hammer Bros. hit, and that player will be saved from death.  Luigi cannot prevent death caused by placing a hit on, or voting out, Bob-omb.  Luigi cannot protect himself from death.

Saint - Peach

Peach is revered in the Mushroom Kingdom, and has thwarted death so many times, that it is believed by most that she will never die.  If Peach is voted out by the players, then the player who INITIALLY cast a vote for Peach will be lynched and killed immediately.  If a player stars the bandwagon, but later changers their vote, then they are still responsible for the bandwagon.  Start your bandwagons carefully.

Vote changer - Wario

Wario was peddling some cheap wares in the Kingdom that day, and was turned into a Toad, just like everyone else.  The difference is, Wario's version of Toad has considerably deeper pockets.  Wario can use his financial influence to change a single vote once a day.  He can cancel a vote out, or change the name on the vote.  Wario's ability does not affect Peach's ability.  Much like a player cannot change their vote to un-bandwagon themselves, Wario cannot un-bandwagon a player.  He submits his choice at night. 

Other Roles:

Suicide Bomber - Bob-omb

Bob-omb was working under contract with Bowser, and never much cared for him anyways.  Now is his time to strike out on his own!  If Bob-omb is voted out, he will take out everyone who voted for him.  If he is taken out by the mafia, he will take out the Godfather of the mafia.  If he is taken out by the Hammer Bros, he will kill the Hammer Bros.  Bob-omb also can take out any two members of his choosing at any time, but that action will also take Bob-omb with them.

Hammer Bros.

The Hammer Bros. are taking this oppurtunity to go into business for themselves.  They've decided the best way to take over the Mushroom Kingdom is to play both sides against each other.   The EVIL Brother still works for the Koopa Mafia, but keeps cover as a regular Koopa Troopa.  The GOOD Brother works for the Mushroom Kingdom and keeps cover as a regular townie.

The Hammer Bros., however, do not work with EITHER side.  They only work for themselves.  If the Mafia wins, the Hammer Bros. do not.  The only way for the Hammer Bros. to win is for the entire mafia to be eliminated, and for the townies to be reduced to a number of two.

The GOOD Hammer Bros. can put a hit out on a townie once a night.
The BAD Hammer Bros. can put out a hit on the mafia once a night.
They cannot both act on the same night. 

If ONE of the Hammer Bros. dies, BOTH OF THEM DIE.  If Mario investigates one of the Hammer Bros, they DO not appear as Mafia or Townie - they appear as their true role.

Think of them as a third separate faction, where the only two members are moles into both the mafia and the townies.

Win conditions:

KOOPA MAFIA: Eliminate all townies until the number of townies is equal or lesser to the number of Mafia.  Eliminate The Hammer Bros..  Eliminate Bob-Omb, the suicide bomber

MUSHROOM KINGDOM: Eliminate all members of the Koopa Mafia.  Eliminate The Hammer Bros.  Eliminate Bob-Omb, the suicide bomber.

HAMMER BROS: Eliminate all members of the Koopa Mafia.  Eliminate all but two members of the Townies.  Eliminate Bob-Omb, the suicide bomber.

BOB-OMB: Be the last man standing, or responsible for killing the last remaining players.

Housekeeping Rules:

The Voting Day runs from 9 AM CST to 11 PM CST.

All night actions must be in by 7 AM CST so that I can use the time from 7 AM to 9 AM to prepare the story and results for the start of the new day.

Feel free to send in a revised night action, I will use whichever you send in last as your official choice.   Any two members who send in night actions that conflict with one another will be given preference by virtue of whoever sent their night action in first.

If you have any clarifications you'd like, feel free to shoot me a PM.


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