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Insanolord - Bomber's Apprentice (killed in vote)
Dasmos - Blanca /Coon 2 (death by bomber)
TheNorthSea - Villager (death by bomber)
Nickmitch - Villager (death by bomber)
Vudu - Tom Nook (death by bomber)
Nuclearspeed - Coon 1 (killed by Foxes)

That leaves TheFleece still living. Fox #1 has done it. Foxes win the game. Yessssssss!

Inside scoop.

And now for the real results. They're not as cool.


Insanolord - Fox 1 (killed in vote)

That leaves an equal number of villagers and Coons. Coons win. Boooooooooo. Villagers throw away their chance to come back and win by voting out the wrong person.

Final identities:

Dasmos - Blanca/Coon 2
Nickmitch - Villager
Nuclearspeed - Coon 1
TheFleece - Villager
TheNorthSea - Villager
Vudu - Tom Nook

Your official winners of Mafia 31 are: Crimm, Dasmos, Nuclearspeed, Plugabugz, Vudu. Congratulations.

But wait? What about the bomber's apprentice. Well, that is an interesting story. My twist on Cube and the B.A. was this: Cube would pick his apprentice when he died. That way, Cube would know who the B.A was and the B.A. would know who Cube was when his identity was revealed by his death. Such a clever twist. Plus, it would mean that the B.A. would survive late in the game and not be killed too early or before Cube. As well, it might sucker some people into thinking that I was posing as the B.A. like Bill.

However, things did not go as plan. Easycure died and never showed up to name a successor. The way it would work was that Easycure could choose anybody to take his place, even the host if he wanted to go the traditional route. However, choosing the host meant that one would give up any chance of winning by an apprentice. With Easycure not around, I could do a random assignment of the B.A. but in the end, I decided not to. Let's face it, Easycure had the best shot at winning this game since no one wanted to touch him and when someone finally did, he'd be able to name an apprentice to further his chances. Why further the bomber's chances of winning if he couldn't show up to vote just to stay alive? Therefore, I decided to name no one as the apprentice and for story purposes, I will take the role of the B.A. And that is that.

End discussion may now begin. I want to hear about all the deception you guys were up to.

Oh bullshit, you cannot be serious.

Something doesn't add up.

Waiting patiently for inside scoop.


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