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Mafia XXXI: Day 7.

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Agent S came running up to Mayor Khushrenada. "Sir, we have a situation. Someone has posted a threatening note on the town message board. Everyone is upset. You'd better check it out." Mayor Khushrenada hurried over to the what the hubbub about. There he found Dr. Shrunk teaching people how to look scared, worried and frightened. Mayor Khushrenada checked the note over. It read:

Dear citizens of Beanerville,

   Greetings! My name is Cube. And I come in the name of the Emperor of Penguins, Lord Chilly Willy. I have traveled far and across many lands from my homeland of Pittsburgh to come here. I have done so for one reason. To help establish the might of the Penguin Empire. Already operatives from around the world have gone forth and brought mighty cities and nations to their knees. Pingu in the South Pole, The Penguin in Gotham, Opus in Bloom Country and Feathers McGraw, posing as a chicken, in Britain. We have done so because we recognize the truth for greatness. "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." - Mao Zedong. Our political power is skyrocketing. Now, you will face the might of the Penguin Empire. My goal is simple. To destroy this town just as I have destroyed many others. And by that, I mean, blowing this town and everyone in it off the map. At first, I was afraid that I might not be able to accomplish my goal. But thanks to the panic you have incited amongst yourselves, you have reduced your number without requiring me to lift a wing. I thank you for that and promise to make your deaths swift and painless in return. Do not try to escape as I have now been able to booby trap all exits from this village. Your lives are ticking down to their final hours.

Deepest regards,

The townsfolk murmured among themselves about what to do in the face of such a gloomy situation. "I don't think we should kill anybody," said Lucky. The townsfolk agreed. Killing one another was just playing into Cube's hands. It was going to make it easier for him to kill them all. "If we leave a lot of people alive, he'll have to keep waiting and maybe then we can smoke him out," Jack, Czar of Halloween added. The townsfolk agreed that seemed to be the smartest choice. "But we can't hope to sit and wait around for the Bomber to slip up," Mayor Khushrenada argued, "Do you think Tom Nook and Crazy Redd are going to also sit around when they are trying to gain control of this town. We know they both have help and we just caught a helper yesterday. Let's keep at it." But the villagers had made up their minds and went home and locked their doors tightly. Mayor Khushrenada shook his head and went home wondering how this crisis was going to end.

That night, the Coons gathered together to plan strategy after this latest development. During the meeting, Tom Nook noticed they were getting low on snacks. "Hey, Plugabugz. Jack! Czar of Halloween, wake up!" he shouted. Jack came to. "Oh, sorry boss. I didn't mean to nod off there," he apologized. "Yeah, well make yourself useful. We could use more candy," Tom Nook groused. "Sure thing. I'll just run home and get some," he said. Jack quickly hurried to his home. He rummaged through his kitchen, grabbing all the snacks he could carry. He turned to leave and that's when he saw a terrifying sight. Standing there in the doorway, was a cat with no face! Jack let out a girlish scream. The cat slammed the door behind her and walked straight over to the trembling Jack. "Hello there," the cat said with a voice coming from nowhere, "My don't you have a lovely pumpkin face. Let's see what you look like under that big ol' mask." With that, the cat grabbed the pumpkin head of Jack, exposing the fact that he was a raccon beneath it. The cat then put the pumpkin on top of her own head. "Now I have a lovely pumpkin head and a face," the cat stated. "Don't hurt me," Jack whimpered, trying to sound tough, "I'm Tom Nook's #2 henchman. If you do anything to me, he and our organization will hunt you down and make you pay." "I'm sure they would, if they knew you were dead!" the cat replied menacingly, "However, I'm an expert at stealing identites. Maybe you've heard of me. I'm Blanca, master of disguise. I had come to this village to retire and lead a simple life. A goal I had accomplished until now. But it has become obvious of late that if I want to survive, I'm going to need to make a change. Tkaing your identity and joining Tom Nook sounds like a sure bet at this point. Now, I only require one last thing to make sure no one knows the truth about me." "What's that?" asked Jack. "Your face!" Blanca cried. With that, she grabbed a large amount of candy that was lying around and shoved it down Jack's throat, causing him to choke and die. Then, she removed his face. SHE REMOVED HIS FACE!!!!! That's just all kinds of wrong. "Now, no one will know that I am not who I appear to be," she said. Then she gathered up the rest of the candy and headed off to Tom Nook's hiding spot. "There you are," Tom Nook said, expaserated, "We were wondering if maybe you had gotten yourself killed." "Don't be silly," answered Blanca. "Hey, are you wearing a dress?" Tom Nook asked, looking over Blanca. "Yes. I decided to change into something more comfortable," Blanca replied. ".... Alright then. Now as I was saying, we have the materials needed to catch Crazy Redd, we just need to ....." Tom Nook droned on. Blanca's plan had worked and she was now a part of the Coon mafia with no one the wiser.

On another side of the village, more momentous events were happening. Lucky hobbled across a bridge and made his way over to Mayor Khushrenada's house. He knocked on the door and rang the bell but it was no use. Mayor Khushrenada is a sound sleeper. Lucky thought about busting down the door but knew he wouldn't be able to. With all the trouble in the village, Mayor Khushrenada had reinforced every point of entry into the house with extreme amounts of security. Lucky instead quickly wrote a message for the Mayor and stuck it in his mailbox. Then, he quickly left and made his way over to the police station. Hurrying inside, Lucky hobbled over to a chair and collapsed in it. He took a moment ot unwind and relax. Then, he began to undo the bandages wrapping him up. As he undid the bandages, they revealed that Lucky was actually Detective Blackfootsteps Copper! Detective Copper sat back in his chair after finally taking off the disguise. "I always wondered what was underneath the bandages. I never would have guessed, however, that Lucky was actually an alias for you Detective Copper. You're a very smart man. Too smart actually," a voice shouted out. "Who's there!" Copper shouted, sitting upright in his chair and scanning the room for the source of the voice. "Why, it's me. You're old pal, Crazy Redd. And like you, I have a disguise of my own. But mine is a little better than yours," explained Redd. Then suddenly, Redd's head appeared a few feet from Copper, floating in the air. "What the devil is this?" Copper asked, flabbergasted. "A little costume I picked up from those wonderful sisters, Mable and Sable. Ah, how we miss thee. Terrible tragedy. But, at least there was some good news from it all. I inherited this wonderful invisible cloth from them. Oh Able sisters. For me? You shouldn't have. You really, really, shouldn't have," Redd explained. Then, he flipped up the hood and his face disappeared again. "Now, Mr. Copper. We are almost even. I know you're secret and you know mine. There is just the matter of my friend Decoyman. You remember Decoyman I'm sure. Using your lucky disguise, you were able to learn his identity and how he had been working for me. You helped kill him. I was wondering how word of this would have gotten out and have been watching in secret when I notice this limping dog each night go to our Mayor's house and then disappear come morning time. So, I decided to follow him home. Mommy, can you keep me? Ha Ha Ha. So, now, I will repay the favor. You have used your power to kill my friend. I use my power to kill you," Crazy Redd blathered. Detective Copper kept scanning the run for a sign of Crazy Redd while slowly trying to reach the silent alarm of a nearby desk. Suddenly, one of the spears that he and Booker used to protect the game began to rise and float on its own. The tip pointed at Copper. Copper lunged over to press the button on the desk but before he could reach it, his whole body was pulled back. He had been impaled as the spear went through him and the chair, pinning him in place and he died.
Then he ran out singing into the night:

I betcha won't catch me, man, Fox News, C-Span
Back-to-back broadcasts, shows all weekend
Can't catch me, man, Fox News, C-Span
Back-to-back broadcasts, shows all weekend
Won't catch me, man, Fox News, C-Span
Back-to-back broadcasts, shows all weekend
Bugged-out burglarin', hurdle secret service men

I ain't seen green since I don't know when
I'm gonna kill the Black-foot-steps
I don't make no money, don't make no sense
I'm gonna kill the Black-foot-steps
You gotta pay those bills, you gotta get that rent
I'm gonna kill the Black-foot-steps
Another year older and deeper in debt
I'm gonna kill the Black-foot-steps

The next morning, Mayor Khushrenada awoke and found the note in his mailbox. "Sir, I have found the whereabouts of Cube. Meet me ASAP." It was signed with a pawprint. "Hot dog!" Khushrenada exclaimed, "This is going to change everything. I think things are going to turn out all right for us villagers yet." He spent the rest of the day drowning his sorrows at the Roost.

Announcement post.


No one died in vote.

Blackfootsteps - Detective Copper (killed by foxes)
Plugabugz - Coon #2 (killed and replaced by Blanca)

Voting ends at Midnight EST.

I knew the foxes would strike back. Well, we are edging closer and closer to a tense mafia standoff. What role will the bomber play?

Today is a Coon hit day.

People who need to vote today:


That should be all.

3 seconds after my edit in the dead thread Day 7 comes. I must be magic.



All need to vote today.

Almost correct Vudu. TheFleece voted yesterday. The rest of the names you have are correct.

Call me vudu again and I'll hunt you down.


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