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Mafia XXXI: Day 6.

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Good work townies. So who's got the plan regarding the next bandwagon?

In the interim, I am going to un-Vote Insanolord. As I mentioned back on Day 2, I don't like the level of involvement he's shown this game. The radar is working but he is flying underneath it.

Edit: Learn to bold noob :p

Still going to VOTE VUDU. Nobody else really strikes me as overly suspicious. No-one came to decoyman's rescue after the bandwagon was started against him, so you can't really deduce anything substantial from yesterday's voting. Except that Maxi finally got one right. Finally.

Also where's the freaking bomber? Don't tell me they're actually trying to win this?

e: Looking back, vudu was for killing off Crimm a day earlier than he was supposed to. Crimm turned out to be a Coon, but vudu also was in that Fox decoyman's bandwagon.

Huh, I'll need to think about this.

The same argument could be made for Nuclear Speed.  He hasn't really done a whole lot this game, just enough to stay alive. 

I really thought Decoyman was on the up and up, and I was wrong.  I do, however, still believe that Dasmos is guilty.

unvote Dasmos


Vudu convinced me.  If you want to convince me to change my vote, I'm all ears.  I'm also pretty keen to think that vudu is a liar liar liar, and if you have a good argument against him, I'd hear it.

My vote is very flexible at this point, because I don't think ANYONE has come off as particularly guilty.


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