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Mafia XXXI: Day 6.

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The crowd at the Town Hall was quite active after the stirring speech they had heard. Today the vote was tied between Nickmitch and Decoyman, so they were debating on what they should do. "Decoyman is guilty!" "No, Nickmitch is guilty!" "Maybe they are both Mafia, let's KILL 'EM BOTH!" A fight then ensued. Maxi stood in awe watching the chaos around him. Suddenly, he recieved a note. Opening it, he read it: "Decoymanz a helper FOX for Krazy Redd. Kill him and recieve a Royal Throne free." Hurriedly, Maxi went around and started giving messages to everyone he could that Decoyman was a Fox. Decoyman was wrestling a fellow villager and biting on his ear when he suddenly realized that the noise around him had subsided. He stood up to find himself surrended in a circle of angry villagers. "Oh, come on. You can't be serious. Me? Guilty?" Maxi spoke up. "You are. Your a fox henchman and now your going to die." "You're half right. I am Fox Henchman #3," Decoyman exclaimed, baring his teeth and removing his disguise, "But it is you who will die." A weight bench suddenly immediately fell from the ceiling and...just barely missed the townfolk. Decoyman swore. "Curses! It should have hit you! I had the spot marked right here!" he shouted. He walked over to a spot he had marked on the floor close to where Maxi was standing and beside the fallen wieght bench. "Hmmm. Something is missing," Decoyman said, looking at the debris. The Fox looked up just in time to see a dumbell crush him.

Feeling good, Maxi, the humble villager went home. Waiting for him by the door was the Royal Throne he had been promised. "Yesssss!", he exclaimed and started running towards. Suddenly, the ground opened up and he fell in another pithole. "Not again," he moaned. "Oh yes," a voice said from the darkness, "We have some unfinished business to attend to." Out of the shadows came Tom Nook and he walked over to Maxi. "And this time, we won't be interrupted by that pest Sable. For once Crazy Redd did something useful in the world," Tom Nook mused.

"There are two kinds of people in this world, my friend. And only two kinds. Those who are borrow and those who lend. You are a borrower. You have nothing which has not been given you. Your house. Given to you. Your furniture. Given to you. That throne. Given to you. Now, me. I'm a lender. Always have been. Always will be. Everything I have is because of me and my hard work. My business, mine. My wares, mine. Your house, mine. Your furniture, mine. That throne, mine. All of it mine. Mine because I desire it all. I know what I want and I what I want is everything! And I've worked hard to get it. And so, when that arrogant little mayor of yours suddenly says no.... He says NO to me, Tom Nook. TOM NOOK, the man who has BUILT this town and given its citizens everything they have. The man who has lent them grand houses and goods to fill them and all manor of luxuries. HE SAYS NO TO ME?! He says, no, Tom Nook, you cannot have your way. You cannot have what you want. Only I can dictate how things work. Only I can dictate how business should be conducted. And I think you should be put of business!?

Well, when he says this, when he says no to my demands, I say, ok. Yes, I do. I say, ok, have it your way. If you are so responsible for this town, you can have it. You can fix it up. You can care for its people. You can provide for them and lend to them your mighty provisions. I'll just collect my things and go. The problem is, I have lent out so many of my things and now I have to get them all back. Which brings me back to my earlier point. You, the borrower, have many things belonging to me, the lender. And I'm here to collect. I'm not a greedy man. I'm not a cruel or petty tyrant. I'm actually quite generous. Considering the many things I've given you, I think you'd agree. I like to be generous in many ways. Even in the matter of debts, I am generous in the length of time to recieve repayment. But one area I am not generous in, is patience towards those who would spit at my generosity. You take and you take from me. Oh, you are so eager to take from me. And what would you give me in exchange for all that you take? You would side with your imbicile mayor to have me run out of town, end my business. Heck, to end my life.

And so, now I say, no. I say no to the generosity I have shown. I say, no more to your debt. I will collect what is mine and end your debt to night. And what is mine that you have? Your house, your furniture,...your life. Now that throne. That throne is yours. That I gave to you because, like I said, I'm a generous man. In fact, I'm so generous, I won't have you get up but I will actually carry it over to you. Urrrgh. It's... a .... heavy beast. Ugh. Lots of... urrrr... weight to it. Huff. But, I'm willing to... to carry it over... ugh, because I love to give. Urrr. Speaking of which,.... allow me... to give you.... a headache.... like you have given me." And with that, Tom Nook dropped the throne on top of Maxi, crushing him to death. Then Tom Nook snapped his fingers and his mob came out of the shodows. They then stripped Maxi's house of all possessions and tore it down, removing all trace of it.

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away, Crimm who was Coon Henchman #3 had just gotten off a train. By the aid of Tom Nook, he had been able to sneak out of the village and had arrived in Boondox to make sure they would not send any help to Beanerville. Mayor Khushrenada's speech had the Coons a little jumpy. "Ahhh, this town looks so much safer than Beanerville! I can feel the stress melting away. No suspicious glances, no threat of death or exposure, and plenty of fresh air." He stepped off the platform and lost his footing.  He fell right onto the tracks as the train started moving, ending the Coon's life.

Announcement post.


Decoyman - Fox #3 (killed by vote)
Crimm - Coon #3 (death by inactivity)
Maxi - Villager (killed by Coons)

Nooooooooooo. A fox has fallen. I'm sure their wrath will be swift. Speaking of which, it's a Crazy Redd hit day. Ahhh, revenge is sweet indeed.

Voting ends like usual at Midnight EST.

The following people need to vote today:

No one. Way to keep up guys.

And that wraps up the announcements.

Well I am happy my vote was in time.1 second left.I am glad I was right about Crimm.Sad that I am dead.I guess I was catching on to the mafia so they killed me.Townies you have a chance still!


--- Quote from: Maxi on February 23, 2009, 01:38:44 AM ---Well I am happy my vote was in time.1 second left.I am glad I was right about Crimm.Sad that I am dead.I guess I was catching on to the mafia so they killed me.Townies you have a chance still!

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: khushrenada on February 23, 2009, 01:33:37 AM ---STAY IN THE DEAD THREAD!


--- End quote ---

*taps the sign*

And yes, I may have gone overboard with Tom Nook's monologue but after establishing Crazy Redd as a sort of Joker, unpredicatable, menacing villian, I wanted to reach into the heart of Tom Nook's motivations and truly establish his character and villany for the citizens to hate and hopefully give more motivation for his defeat.


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