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Mafia XXXI: Animal Crossing Wii-Make. Players List.

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Final Result: Mafia Victory! Coons Win

Players List


Dasmos - Blanca/Coon2
Nickmitch - Villager
Nuclearspeed - Coon 1
TheFleece - Villager
TheNorthSea - Villager
Vudu - Tom Nook


Stevey - K.K. Slider (killed in vote)
Golden Phoenix - Villager (killed in vote)
Gylldas - Mint (killed by foxes)
Ian Sane - Mr. Resetti (killed in vote)
DAaaMan64 - Villager (killed by inactivity)
Spak-Spang - Villager (killed by Coons)
NovaQ - Villager (killed in vote)
Shyguy - Sable (killed by Foxes)
Decoyman - Fox #3 (killed in vote)
Crimm - Coon #3 (killed by inactivity)
Maxi - Villager (killed by Coons)
Blackfootsteps - Copper (killed by Foxes)
Plugabugz - Coon #2 (killed by Blanca)
DrewMG - Fox #1 (killed in vote)
Easycure - Cube (death by inactivity)
Pale - Crazy Redd (killed by Coons)
Insanolord - Fox 1 (killed in vote)



Tom Nook
'Coon 1
'Coon 2/Blanca

And there are 3 villagers alive.


Allow me to re-iterate a few points and make some new ones.


Everyday we have a vote. During the vote, you can pick any person you want by simply typing VOTE (NAME). Please bold the vote to make it noticeable and official. You can change your vote at any time. If you change your vote, please go back and unbold your previous vote or delete it. You can only cast one vote each day. If you have made two votes in the day, neither will be counted.

The vote ends everyday at Midnight EST. When this time occurs, the thread will be locked, thereby preventing any illegal vote changing. The vote you had up to that time will be counted.

You can talk to anyone in the game and can co-operate with anyone you want in the game. Sending private messages to others in the game is allowed and welcomed. All players regardless of their role can cast a vote. You can play your role however you want but I always recommend you play it to win as that will make things the most interesting in the game.

Night Actions

After the Day vote has ended, it is the time for night actions. If a player has a role that gives them a certain power, I.E. investigation or a hit, this player must send their order for the action to the host in a private message. Afterwards, the host will go through all the orders, resolve them and carry them out and then start the next day's vote. This is done until a winner is declared.

The Tom Nook 'Coon mafia get to make a hit every odd night. I.E. Day 1, Day 3, etc. The Crazy Redd Foxes make their hit on even nights. I.E. Day 2, Day 4, etc. If one mafia is eliminated, then the remaining mafia can make a hit every night. All other roles can be performed every night.

We are playing by old school rules in imitation of this game. That means, the day thread closes at Midnight and a new Day will not begin until 10 am EST or so. Therefore, you can change your night actions at anytime during this period. The most recent action I receive will be the one I will use. So, if you sent me three names you wanted to whack, I'm going to go with the last one sent to me.

Voting ties

Sometimes, the day vote comes down to the wire with two or more people tied in number of votes cast against. If the deadline comes and the vote is tied, it will be resolved in the following way. First, the role of Mint has the chance to break the tie. The power of that role allows the player to choose who they think should be voted out. They would send this decision to the host in private message. If Mint has not sent in a decision by the time the next day is about to begin, neither person is voted out. However, all night actions are still carried out. This could be damaging to the townies and would thus want to be avoided.

In the event that Mint is killed during the game, ties will be resolved the following way. After the deadline has been reached and there is a tie, the day vote will stay open a half hour longer to allow a tiebreak. This means that anyone who hasn't voted yet has a chance to cast a vote and break the tie or if someone who has voted wants to, they can change their vote or delete it. In the even of a tiebreak, a vote can only be cast or removed for one of the players tied in the vote. If at the end of the 30 extra minutes no tiebreak has occured, then both players remain alive and all night actions still go forth. Avoid ties townies. It will only hurt you.

Dead Players

Dead players are allowed to talk with one another or in a specially created Dead Thread. They are not allowed to talk to those still playing the game nor are they allowed to give out information regarding the game. Doing so will make you known as a scumbag and your cancerous reputation will spread among all other forumers so that they also can shun you.

Win Conditions

The villagers win by eliminating all mafia members, Cube and Death. Detective Copper, Mint, K.K. Slider and Sable are townies and would win in a townie victory.

Tom Nook's Mafia would win by eliminating Crazy Redd's mafia, Death, Cube and achieving a tie between the amount of townies and Mafia members left in the game. I.E. There are two 'Coon mafia members left and two townies left in the game. A tie of players has been achieve and the mafia wins.

Crazy Redd's Mafia would win the same way as Tom Nook's mafia.

Death wins by being the last person standing and every other player is dead

Cube wins by either blowing everyone up with him or by the Bomber's Assistant doing so.

The Bomber's Assistant is a strange beast. The person who is the Bomber's Assistant will already have a role. When investigated, he will be shown as that other role. However, he can win by either role. So, if the Bomber's Assistant was mafia, he could win with his mafia or he could try to blow everyone up and win with Cube. It is the same with any other role. The Bomber's Assistant can either choose to win with one role or seek to win win Cube. That is why it may not be neccessary to kill the assistant to achieve victory. It depends on the Bomber's choice.

Now, I know that is a lot of reading and can look complicated but it isn't. And if you don't want to read everything here that's fine. Feel free to ask a question on whatever you want an answer for and I or someone else may quote the appropiate answer from here. After a day or two, you'll understand most of these rules anyways. Good luck and have fun.

Roles and Abilities.

While I was hoping a few more people would sign-up, that sadly wasn't the case. Therefore, the role of Bianca was eliminated. Here's a re-iteration of how things work.

Crooked Cranny 'Coons

Tom Nook is the Godfather of the mafia and is the one responsible for sending in the order for who the mafia wants to eliminate from the game. If Tom Nook is killed, he will then select another member of his mafia to take over the role of Godfather. Tom Nook is the only 'Coon who will appear as a villager if investigated by Copper. If the godfather of a mafia is killed on a night that they have a hit order, that action is blocked.

Black Market Foxes

Same as the 'Coons. Crazy Redd is the godfather and responsible for the hit order. If killed, he will select another member of his mafia to replace him. Crazy Redd is the only fox who will appear as a villager if investigated by Copper.

Detective Copper

Can choose any player once a night and investigate them. This means he will learn their role unless the person has a special condition allowing them to go undetected from an investigation


In the event of a tie, Mint will decide which player lives and which one will die by sending in her order of how she wants to break the tie.


Blanca can choose any person to kill and take their role. So, if Blanca chooses the person who is Tom Nook, for instance, Blanca would assume that role and become Tom Nook. The only role Blanca can not assume is Cube. If Blanca tries to kill Cube, she will die along with Cube. Blanca doesn't have to use her role either in order to win but wouldn't you rather be someone else? If Blanca's power is not used and she doesn't kill anyone, Blanca would win with the townies.

K.K. Slider

He can send in a hit every night but he can only kill guilty people. This means he can only hit mafia members or Death. If K.K. Slider kills a townie/villager, that person will die and K.K. Slider will take his own life for making such an error. Note, just because he can make a hit every night doesn't mean he has to.

Death AKA Mr. Resetti

He can kill any person he chooses each night. In addition, he is the only one who can successfully kill Cube or his Apprentice and not die. However, he kills Sable, then he will die along with Sable. It was noted before in the rules that Death would appear as a townie if investigated but that has been changed. If investigated, Copper will learn his role. Also, Death must have his night action in an hour after the day's vote or it will not occur. He is only under this obligation until Sable dies.

Guardian Angel AKA Sable

She can protect one person of her choosing every night from harm. In addition, Sable is the only one who knows whom Death is targetting each night. She can choose to protect a single person from Death's touch over the course of the game. After she has done this, she can not prevent Death from carrying out his hit order for any other night. If investigated, Sable will appear as her role Sable to Detective Copper. Sable can not protect herself however even if Death is targetting her.

Cube the Suicide Penguin

He can choose 2 people to kill on one night, but he also dies. If he is killed over-night by anyone other than Mr. Resetti, the person that killed him also dies. If he is voted off, all of those who voted for him will die. The only way a person can be protected from Cube's explosion is if they are protected by Sable. But this only means that Cube can not kill them by targetting them himself. If a person with Sable's protection targets Cube, they will still die along with Cube.

Bomber's Apprentice

When or if Cube dies, his protege will take over the role of Suicide Bomber. It is also important to note that the Apprentice could be ANYONE in the game, even if they already have a role. If the Apprentice has another role, their other role will be their identity if they are investigated. The Bomber's Apprentice can either win by blowing everyone up like Cube or by the win condition with his other role.

Cube knows who the Bomber's Apprentice is and the Bomber's Assistant knows who Cube is.

Everybody that is playing the game needs to check your PMs.

If you told Khushrenada to reset the game post in this thread that you did.

I told Khushrenada to reset the game.


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