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IT'S MAHVEL BAYBEE!! [OT] for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Movies & TV)

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I hope Valkyrie finds her queen. 

Trailer premered at halftime of the Heat and Celtics game.

SDCC is underway, Marvel Studios panel is happening right now.

Here is the Phase 5 slate

I might update with the list of updates later when on a computer

Wakanda Forever teaser trailer

Namor is in the trailer, and i think the Atlanteans as well

Shorty McNostril:
As is Riri Williams.

That trailer is just stunning. Holy hell talk about emotion. The music, the passion. Just superb.

On one hand some of the projects are exciting, but some others just aren't as thrilling as I had expected. I think I genuinely am getting MCU fatigue. Maybe it was because of the combo of shows and films, or just the volume in general, or the aimlessness of Phase 4. Also seems like phases have sped up? Is a phase about a year now? I thought a phase was supposed to be much longer. Also the length of time before a proper Avengers film seems odd. I understand letting some time and story build up, but why not have middle Avengers films like we did before?


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